[TAG] USA U-choose & "Use a stamp other than the current postcard-rate stamp" tag

Tag @TwasBrillig for Japanese Woodblock prints (ukiyo-e)

I offer:
Harry Potter - official
Amish Quilts
Lost Ocean - CYO (you can color it or I can)
Magical Jungle - CYO (you can color it or I can)
Snooty Bookshop
Disney - 3 different sets
Earth + Space - NASA Hubble pictures
Fun Facts
Forks, Washington
Olympic Peninsula
Washington state
Vintage reprint
Handmade - steampunk or vintage look collage or local photos

Tag @CorinneJKS for earth+space- nasa hubble

I offer
Loupaper birthday themed
Loupaper cheeseboard themed
Lantern press shanadoah national park (i think i spelled that wrong)
Random praying mantis card
Punny Pennsylvania card

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Tag @aemenheiser2 w praying mantis card
I have your address

I have -

National Parks card (photo)
Original artist Tomato card
Random landscape
Bird card
Florida state bird/flower card

Tag @journeyforth I am very curious what the Tomato card is like. Thank you. Are you the artist? Is it a painting of a tomato? Shaped like a tomato?Made of tomato leaf paper. Stained with tomato as ink? So many wonders.

My offer:
Beach scene (day or sunset)
Spanish moss w story
Blue Angel Jets

Hi Crystalinne, it is a painting of a tomato by a local artist in north Georgia and on the back is handwritten the info. My husband brought this and others back from a motorcycle trip he took in that area last year.

It would be really interesting if it was “tomato paper” wouldn’t it?

I will send it to you, hope you like it.


P.S. no I am not an artist, but my daughter has that talent. She is working on some postcard size canvas for me now. Eventually I will share some of them in the handmade tags. I think she is pretty good!

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Tag @Crystalinne
I would love to receive the card about the Blue Angels Jets! I have seen their demonstrations several times and I am fascinated by the sheer power these machines have!

I am offering:
Greetings from Raleigh OR North Carolina
North Carolina Travel Poster
NC Mountains Lantern Press (Valle Crucis, Mast General Store)
Map of North Carolina with various landmarks
Various Winston Salem vintage reprints
Pisgah National Forest Collage

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tag @greetingsfromNC I’d love a greetings from Raleigh card!

My offers:
Texas Longhorns
Natural Bridge Caverns
Don’t Mess With Texas
Armadillo with flowers
Various “Troubled Birds” by Mincing Mockingbird
Texas Capitol
Circuit of the Americas (home to INDYCAR, MotoGP and F1 races!)

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I received the postcard (last week, sorry it took so long to comment).
I like the thought of sitting with her, sewing together, chatting and learning about each other.
Thank you!

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Tag @salison333

For armadillo w/flowers

I offer-

Florida state bird and flower card
National Park
Vintage reprint fruit

Tag @journeyforth
for Florida state bird and flower card

I offer:
Revolutionary war canon in Yorktown
Amish country farm
“Life in Hell” cartoon by Matt Groening
Light houses in the Outer Banks
Sculpture of Mary and Jesus on Talheimer Altar in Germany

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Tag @StephofYorktown for Outer Banks lighthouses!

I offer:
Night sky
Arches National Park
Canyonlands National Park
Puebloan Ruins
Owl photo
Colorado wildflowers
Route 66
Retro airplane
Vintage ad reprint
Retro motel
Quirky western WA state humor

Edit to add more choices:
Teepee ad
Indonesian art
Telluride CO illustration
Glen Miller
Cathedral interior


Tag @silentmagician for Canyonlands National Park

I offer:
Florida map
Beach view (day or sunset)
Woman on beach ( large or skinny)
Shark teeth
Spanish moss w story
Blue Angel Jets
D&D (box)
NY fashion (from the street box)
Flowers in Art (book/box)
Cat (box illustrated)
VBS “Sparks” theme (smaller/thin, Vacation Bible School)
Dog in hat (smaller, thin)

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Tag @Crystalinne with beach view (sunset)

I offer:
– view of Harpers Ferry in the fall
– view of Harpers Ferry in the winter
– view of the Chesapeake Bay bridge
– view of bridge in Harpers Ferry
– view of the potomac river
– view of covered bridges in West Virginia
– tourist postcard of Maryland
– multiview card of Smithsonian museums in DC
– view of Alexandria, Virginia (multiview or singleview)
– multiview card of Ocean City, Maryland
– animal card from Smithsonian National Zoo (red panda, panda, bear, seal)
– lantern press card of Jefferson Memorial
– lantern press card of Washington Monument
– lantern press card of the Internation Spy Museum in DC

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Tag back @stunclock for view of bridge in Harpers Ferry. I read about the trail derailment there in 2019.

I offer:
Florida map
Beach view (choose day or sunset/sunrise)
Woman on beach (choose large or skinny)
Shark teeth
Cat photo or illustrated
Spanish moss w story
Blue Angel Jets
D&D (box)
NY fashion (from the street box)
Flowers in Art (book/box)

Tag @Crystalinne with Cat illustration

I offer…

  • Dog illustration
  • Alligator
  • Clown
  • Foreign Country
    -“Vintage-Style” Card
  • Black and White Photography

Tag @toadallycool, Vintage Style

I offer

  • Vintage Thanksgiving
  • Vintage-style Greetings from Michigan state map (not the large letters)
  • World Postcard Day 2022
  • Random pick from my box of postcards
  • Great Lakes Ships

Tag @SharonMI for Greetings from Michigan
I offer…

  • Vintage-style Poster Card
  • Cards from other countries
  • Cats
  • Children’s book illustrations
  • Dogs
  • Morbid artwork
  • Birds/parrots
  • Flowers
  • Mushrooms
  • Crawfish/Crayfish
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Tag @toadallycool for card that says Postcrossing!

I offer:

  • Cat illustration
  • Space/galaxy/planet photo
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park photo
  • Women in Science card
  • Troubled Birds card
  • Art card
  • Christmas folded card
  • Glittery card

I’ll get this tag going again!
Tag @thetinylibrarian with a Troubled Birds card

I offer:

  • Children’s book illustration
  • Rat illustration
  • Cat illustration
  • Flowers
  • Local Farmer’s Market
  • Vintage-style Christmas card
  • Thank You! Card
  • Alien card

Tag @toadallycool for Alien card

I offer:

  • vintage ad reprint
  • magician movie reprint
  • cartoon
  • Disney character
  • food illustration
  • map illustration
  • “Mail A [Animal]” series