✅ Tag notifications after forum update

I am only watching one thread at present. So I was
quite surprised to be receiving many Notifications for Foreign Language tags.

I have been changing “watches!” to “mute” repeatedly.


Tag envíame “esa” postal

[TAG] UNO оффер тег


Do I understand correctly that you had marked these topics with “watching” before you got all these notifications?

Hi Billiie,

No. I was only watching the “Share your Gardens” thread.

All of a sudden my notifications list (in the upper right corner of the Forum) was buzzing with tags and I got all the corresponding emails too.

I didn’t know what to make of it.

That’s when I started going to the bottom of these tags where I found that somehow something had me
listed as “Watching!” them. I changed them one by one to mute.

Hope this is helpful.

Thanks for contacting me.

Kind regards,
Diane M.

Thank you for your answer.

This is strange, especially that it occurred after the forum update.
I’m sure @Paulo will get around to it.

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It appears that all the notifications you are getting are related with the topics tagged with #tag. Can you check on that tags page if you have subscribed to it? That would explain why you are getting notifications related with anything that uses that tag.

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Hello Paulo,

I checked the #tag topics. It was marked with a Watch! symbol. I did not subscribe to it.

I muted it.
So that should solve my bug problem?

Kind regards,

If you mute it, I’m not sure if that will hide from you all topics that are tagged with it. I would switch it back to normal, unless that’s want you want.

I believe so? I’m not sure if, while you were watching the tag, if it automatically subscribed topics that had that tag, so you may have to unwatch those but otherwise, I expect the issue to be solved. Let us know otherwise.

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