SW Washington/Portland area Meetup

I just started postcrossing. What a wonderful way to meet others with the same hobby, not to mention celebrate being in person. I hope to be there. It’s only about 90 minutes away, but I’ll start saving for gas! :fuelpump: i looked Amtrak as a fun idea, but there are no direct routes if i am searching correctly.

Hi @kellycmh ! Welcome to Postcrossing! It would be wonderful if you are able to come to the meetup at the park. I look forward to seeing you.

My husband and I are planning to attend. :slight_smile:

@BeckyS That’s wonderful! It will be great to see you after these last 2+ years of isolation!

hi i am in grants pass, i am going to try and make it.

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@vosborne Hi, Victoria, it would be great to meet you. I hope it works out. :slight_smile:

I live in Milwaukie, OR and have been to Paradise Point several times. I’m going to try to make to the meetup. My husband will probably be with me.

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@geniusenvy Hi Nicole, it would be great to meet you, and have you join us at the meetup! Hope to see you there! Kay

Hello! I have a follow-up question, as this will be my first meetup. Do I need to “hang onto” some of my traveling/ sending slots to use for 21 May? Do we send special cards through our individual accounts, or through a meetup account, or just chat and enjoy good company and swapping?

@kellycmh Hi Kelly, Yes, reserve some sending slots for the 21 May meetup. I usually have more cards than slots, so I get them all signed, and use the extras later as I get more slots available for those PCers who like to get Meetup cards. :blush:
All the card being sent are from your regular account, and if you have friends who are doing PC, you might send them a card as well.
I’ll be bringing some of my other cards to share/swap with members, and others may as well.
See you next month!

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Hi Postcrossers, I drove down to Paradise Point State Park today, a gorgeous sunny spring day. Mt St Helens and Mt Adams were visible from the freeway exit! You’ll take exit 16 from I-5, and when you drive down the windy road to the day use part of the park, look for the blue and red balloons decorating a couple picnic tables. Today, there were kayakers, Frisbee golfers, walkers along the river, and families sitting on the sandy banks under the freeway overpass (the only negative here because of the noise).
I’m working on a meetup card which will be available for anyone that wants one (or 5 or 10) :slight_smile: I hope to have a sample to show you by the end of the week. I’m so looking forward to our meetup! Kay


Thanks so much for the recon mission and work to make this happen!

Here is an image of the meetup card I made. I’m ordering 150 postcards, so there will be plenty to share. I’m looking forward to seeing you all.


Fantastic! Do we pay you now or at the meet up?

Yes— happy to PayPal or Venmo you now or give you cash when we meet up.

PayPal at $.30 each is great. FB Message me if you need my email. I’m keeping 10 for myself, so there should be plenty to share.

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I’ll have them at the meetup to avoid shipping.

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The Postcrossing meetup cards arrived, and I’m so pleased with the results. Even the back is ready for our signatures, stamps, and an address!
See you there!


I love to swap

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Hi Desiree, I’ll put you on my list to send from the meetup. Please send me your address. :grin:
message me