Strange profile

Exactly how would someone who has sent more cards than they have received be a scammer? If anything, they’re the one missing out! I was inactive until my difference was about 50, then I got all those cards in a couple of months. Who did I scam?

And also, how is it your business how many cards someone has favourited? Do you only send nice cards to people who will give you a like?


Ok, so I totally sense your huge aggression and hostility in your reply, but I’m not sure if you read the post to be so confused or maybe I didn’t type clearly what I meant so i will try again…

I wonder if the person OP was speaking of was only registering cards they liked?
That… “don’t sent Eiffel cards from Australia” stuff because she won’t register it?
This sounds like a scammer, not registering sent cards because she is being demandimg.


“And also, how is it your business how many cards someone has favourited? Do you only send nice cards to people who will give you a like?”

After reading the profile, I always check the favorites to get an idea of what my recipient will love the most. Do you not do this?
I mentioned this particular tab because I’ve drawn addresses with a big list of what they don’t like. I don’t go out of my way to please someone with strict demands and no favorites. You seem pretty upset by this, but i don’t understand why.


The original poster confirmed that admins had told them the person had been inactive for a long time, and of course they had, as if not they would have been suspended a long time a go. Over 100 cards would otherwise have gone missing without the admins doing anything about it, which seems far less likely than someone being inactive for a long time.

If you think someone asking you a question because they disagree with you is hostile, than that’s on you, but I guess I’m just sick of people making assumptions about people because they don’t do this hobby exactly like they do themselves.

And yes, I do check favourites. But I don’t send people with few or no favourites my ugliest card.


As I said before, my concern is that the person was not registering cards they received. If the profile is stating that she will only register cards to her liking, cards matching the place of the recipient. I understand she had been inactive, but that is a huge space. I would not have suggested this is the case had she not said she will not register postcards. I don’t know how to word this any differently.

Per my first reply, I had suggested I would send an ugly card to someone with demands one after another. Have you ever read a profile with a list of dislikes and demands?
I was not suggesting someone’s lack of likes to mean they don’t deserve a nice card.
Again, I put in so much love and time when i send a card, I want the person to enjoy.
I sent a card a few weeks ago to someone with 0 favorites, and it was a very nice card. I assumed she had no favorites to keep people open ended. She replied with a very nice message, and I enjoyed sending it.


F.ex. This is one thread where about inactive members have been discussed. There are many reason why people have set their profile inactive and the gap between sent and received might grow big! Not all can be assumed first hand :innocent:


What you think about profile where is just a link to youtube and blog? I don´t know what to think, feels like this is just a way to get followers.


@elikoa, if you ever draw my name, please feel free to send me a postcard you got on your travels! In fact, I think I will add that to my profile’s list of things I’m especially happy to receive. I love to hear where people have travelled, and what it means to them. But then again, any card is interesting if the person says why they chose it! Sometimes the reasons are fascinating :blush:


This is so very true! Getting a card telling you all about a holiday, regardless of where it was sent from, is such a delight!
And in general, like you say, anything that has a bit of explanation :smiley:


To be fair, most profiles are open to anything rather than details of what they’d rather not get.


I often buy cards as I travel and some come back home with me. I may be able to use them later…for example if I bought seal or puffin cards in Maine I am happy to send them and talk about my travels there. We dont have seals or puffins in Ohio.


And today I saw an account in which a person sends only 1-3 types of postcards, no variety (almost 3 thousand postcards were sent). It seems strange to me. What do you think?


I think that person buys postcards in bulk or wholesale postcards. And as we consider that every person he/she sends postcard to receives one, it doesn’t shock me.


They bought a very large quantity of those for almost nothing is what came to mind for me.


I remember when I first started Postcrossing, there was a profile I came across (I drew his address) that sent only one postcard style. He had sent well over 3,000. I found it rather (very) curious, but I didn’t judge, since I don’t really know who he is and where he is/was coming from. In another thread, this is briefly mentioned - about users sending the same card, maybe because their hometown doesn’t have a variety of images on postcards, etc). I found it very commendable that he uploaded “each” postcard so that his wall was full of the same image :upside_down_face::face_with_monocle: maybe that’s his way of being smart and efficient? :woman_shrugging:t2: Maybe not ideal in some Postcrossers view I guess, but how I see it, I don’t mind.


Most often the people who only send one kind of card have it preprinted with a message on the back as well. Then they just glue on the address and stamps and add the ID. Job done with very little effort and zero personality.

These kind of people I assume get their joy from receiving cards only.


How will you know?
BTW. a handwritten Listing of the family members is also not very personal and may be less interesting than a printed text about the sight on the picture side.


When I drew an address, I never look what they send, for they are not going to send a card to me anyway.


Its sad that some send the same free ad cards over and over (in the hundreds or thousands), yet list their various wishes and receive a very nice variety.


We should design a basic Happy Postcrossing card we could all send to those who only send a single ad card (but have specific wishlists) :smiley:
I’m only half-joking.