Strange profile

I’m also little surprised how did no one report this earlier?
Maybe it was recently added?

I would not send anything yet, but wait for what the postcrossing team answers, and send the card only when the threat is gone. Because, of the cards I now have, it’s a great risk they wouldn’t register it, so why send it at all. Even though it’s about such small thing, I’m not accepting blackmailing. Also I would be so tempted to send a card not from here, not to be mean, but out of interest if she really doesn’t register such cards :grin:

I’m very interested how many card did she not register?


Absolutely right!

I’ll definitely let you know!

Sent 498, and received 372. By the way, she registered one yesterday. I hope that she really was inactive all this time. However, her demands are in any case unacceptable! It seems to me that most of the participants always try to satisfy the wishes, but no one is obliged to do this. The point is not that. In addition, Christmas or New Year’s cards are nice to receive, regardless of whether they are on your wish list, as well as to send such a card to someone. Holidays, their atmosphere, are much more important than the desire to replenish the collection of postcards.


Be careful with Christmas card. Not everyone likes Christmas.
Christmas was traditionally a religious festival.
Religious card is sensitive topic. It should be only sent to member who clearly mentions they are okay with religious card.


I agree, but I think everyone likes the new year)

Yes. I thought maybe the “I won’t register” -part was recently added.

I know for many the local view card can be easy, and it’s dangerous if this person thinks she gets these because she’s telling she won’t register others.

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The behaviour of this user looks really unusual. But never mind. Just send her a card she likes (eg with photo of some sight in your city). If she doesn’t register it, then it goes to Expired in 60 days – and just forget that.
She also could be inactive for a long time.
Anyway, there’s nothing to worry about.

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Thanks for the support)

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Isn’t there this same risk with almost every topic?

I think people should freely send christmas cards, if they celebrate it, because it shows their tradition and what kind of life they live. The receiver can learn about the sender and their life.

But I would not send a religious card when someone tells please no such.
Otherwise, we are here to send cards, not more. Card is just a card, I’m not forcing the things in my cards to anyone.

I agree religion can be sensitive, but some countries are so religious, it can be hard to differ when it’s “just their culture” or when religion.


Please be patient. The team is small, so it might take some time to reply.

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I understand. I will wait)

Hello, friends!

I hasten to share news on this issue.
Today I received a response from the admins, I think they will not mind if I state it here:
“Indeed, this person was inactive for a long period of time, and has recently come back to Postcrossing. Their profile is not really in the spirit of the project though… so we’ll be sending them an email about it, and hopefully be able to guide them in a better direction.”

I want to note that their letter influenced the girl, as her profile was significantly changed.

Quote: "Please note that I will be happy to receive an actual postcard.
Please, save ad and self-made postcards for those who would really appreciate them.
May be I am too demanding again but please, please, please pick up a card showing a place that is your current location (in short, I would be very upset if you send me the Eifel Tower view while living in Australia).

I’ve been with postcrossing for 7 years already, and I managed to collect a great amount of lovely postcards received via this project, through direct swaps and from my friends. I’m always looking for new items, so I will appreciate if you sneak peek into my postcard collection here: ______________ before sending me a postcard, to avoid duplicates and to make me even more happy :)"

In my opinion, the difference between what was and what became obvious. And this completely changes the attitude towards her profile and towards her.

Today I sent her a card, trying to match her preferences as much as possible. I hope she does not take revenge on me and register my postcard when she receives it)

Friends, I hope my experience will be useful to you!
Thank you for your participation, for your advice, for your support!
Happy postcrossing :wink:


Don’t worry, she can’t know it was you :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t think they seem revenge kind of person, such person would have left this with banging doors and start a new profile, I think.


I think it’s still too picky. She’s only got one wish and it’s not one I could fulfill.


Of course, if you choose a postcard from your country, that should satisfy her now. She’s not going to know your exact location within your country until after she has registered the postcard.



At least she removed the threat not to register cards, but I still take issue with the demanding tone of “. . .please pick up a card showing a place that is your current location (in short, I would be very upset if you send me the Eifel Tower view while living in Australia” for two reasons:

  1. Postcards are like a gift, and it’s pretty rude to say you would be “very upset” not to get exactly what you want! Maybe someone lives in Australia and joined Postcrossing especially to use up their huge stash of Eiffel Tower cards (or more realistically, collected various blank cards on their travels) and that’s all they have to send. That should make up a fairly small percentage of received cards, so why make someone feel guilty over it?

  2. The demand for “. . .a card showing a place that is your current location” seems to exclude the many, many categories of postcard that don’t show any location at all! Maybe it has cats, or dinosaurs, or birds, or cartoon characters, or a famous painting, et cetera. Not everyone lives in a touristy area where view cards are readily available.


Maybe add a polite hint list for joining:

  1. A polite postcrosser never demands.
  2. A polite postcrosser is aware that people come from villages, cities, and towns and may not have access to a variety of cards.
  3. A polite postcrosser is aware that a request is just that -a request.

I too have a problem with that “very upset”. There are things I receive that I don’t like so much but I don’t feel “upset”, it’s just a postcard and in most cases it makes me smile that someone took the time to send that to me, even if I think it’s ugly (providing there is some effort in writing something…). Noone needs to know that I think a certain card is ugly, I’ll just send thank you and wish the best to that person.

Incidentally, I always buy too many postcards in my travels, and I was the one who was “very upset” to find out it’s such a no-no for such an amount of people. I just received a card from Morocco sent from France, not only it was very exotic but the sender described her travels to Morocco (pre-pandemic) and to me that is the best kind of card, one where the sender shows how the card is related to them or their life. That could work even with non-viewcards as one could choose, I don’t know, tea or books because they like them - even if a lot of those pictures of teas and books are painfully generic, one could tell me about how much they love tea and make it personal and interesting.