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Hello, friends!

Sorry for my English, I use a translator.

I need your advice or help. The other day I received a new address. The girl’s profile contains the following entry: “Please note that I won’t register anything that is not an actual postcard ( no ad/self-made cards) or any card showing a place that is not your current location (in short, please do not send me the Eifel Tower view if you live in Australia).”

I looked at her statistics and I felt sad. For 498 postcards sent, 372 received. At the same time, the last postcard sent was August 7, 2021, and registered on March 14, 2019!!! I understand that by the rules I have to send her a postcard, but given her statistics, it seems to me that she only registers what she likes, if at all, and this violates the rules of the community. Yes, and I feel sorry for my strength and efforts in such a situation. I put my soul into each of my postcards and I am pleased when a person receives it, rejoices, writes something in response.
Maybe someone has come across something similar? Can I give up her address?


You can’t give up her address, but before you write her a postcard, I think you should get in touch with the Admin team, because this person’s attitude is clearly wrong. The Admin team will tell you what to do.


This is against the rules as well as the spirit of Postcrossing, so this profile should be reported to the admins. It is not acceptable to not register the postcards she doesn’t want. Sometimes, the admins advise it is okay not to register things that are not postcards (for example, a photo or a piece of paper). But ad card or homemade card are usually considered postcards. She is not allowed to make such demands and it is very wrong to do so.

I think this is unrelated to the point above. I think she must have been inactive. This means you can stop receiving postcards but you can still send. So I think she still sent until August 2021 but had gone inactive in 2019.
Even if she doesn’t register homemade and ad cards, they are not so common to receive (I probably received 4-5 of each myself and I have over 400 cards), and same for cards from other countries.

Normally, you cannot skip an address. But I would report this to the admins (on main site: Help - Contact) because her demands above are unreasonable, and they will be able to tell if she is inactive (so the difference between sent and received is okay) or not.

I hope your online translator can translate this clearly!


Agree with you. I always try to register a postcard as quickly as possible, because I know that just like me, the person who sent it is worried about whether I received it, whether I liked it. Of course, I also want the person who receives a postcard from me to at least promptly register it.


I’ll be sure to let the admins know. It might be better if they check it out. Because I don’t really understand how you can be inactive since 2019 and at the same time send postcards throughout 2021. You see, for every postcard delivered to someone, her address fell out. And she had to get something.


You can set your profile to inactive - then your address is not given to other postcrossers but you can still send postcards. My profile is set to inactive since 2016, just take a look at my stats :slight_smile:


I did not know about it. Thanks for saying!


Sometimes, it’s just practical to ignore reading profiles; especially one like this. While many people put effort in this, there are some who do not. You just need to mail a general Viewcard and let them register it. You have done your part; now it’s up to them to do theirs.


I think we should never ignore these kind of things that seem to be clearly attempts to blackmail people.
There are people who don’t have a general viewcard for example and they don’t need to go buying cards because someone only tries to get what they want.


Agree with you! Yesterday I wrote to the admins, I hope they will deal with this.


I would send a regular postcard, but I would take a picture of both sides after written and stamped in order to proof it’s a postcard indeed. If after a reasonable time she doesn’t register it, I’d contact her and ask politely. If she received it but doesn’t want to register for whatever reason, I’d contact the admins attaching pictures and conversation.


Great idea!

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I too sent something to that person… I think you are correct she just won’t register most of the cards she gets. :sob:


It wasn’t hard to find that profile, and looks like they were inactive and probably register the cards.
Still the threatening tone of the profile should be changed.


It’s a pity (such behavior on the part of an official member of the community is unacceptable !!!


I wrote to the admins twice, but unfortunately there is no answer yet. Of course I will not break the rules and send the postcard in accordance with her wishes and I will hope that she really was inactive and when she receives my postcard she will register in accordance with the rules.

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I suggest to wait a little longer. It can take some days to get an answer from the support, as it’s just a few people and they get lots of inquiries. :slight_smile:


I agree, I’m sure they’ll respond in the next few days.

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The problem with people not registering cards is that it slows down or breaks the whole chain. The person sending the card, then has to wait 60 days until it expires before they can send another in its place. It’s rude and selfish to make up your own rules. Postcrossing is built on trust and communication - this is not it.


Let us know the outcome! So we all can learn from your experience and know how to handle.

I think it is rude and impolite at the same time to put demands and threats like this in your profile. That is not what Postcrossing stands for and is not a gesture of the community spirit at all. Postcards are all about happiness on the doormat or in the mailbox from one person to an other person.

Till now I didn’t experienced these kind of unkind profiles, but I must say it leaves me flabbergasted…