Sticker bombing on postcard

Yesterday I watched a YouTube channel about sticker bombing. The guy who owns the channel does sticker bombing on anything: his laptop, ipad, skateboard, cover of book journal, etc…

What is sticker bombing?
Sticker bombing is a form of art in which artists infuse together hundreds or even thousands of stickers in a striking, breathtaking collage.

(Image from Google)

I am thinking about sticker bombing on postcard. Have you ever done that?
When you have cards that you think the picture is not good enough, maybe you can sticker bomb those cards to make them look better.
Or sticker bomb the writing side. Instead of writing message, you sticker bomb it.

What do you all think?


Cool idea Yudi - I only know knitting bombing where you knit stuff & put it around trees or lamposts etc.

It’s also like those handmade cards with used stamps all over them - I’m just starting to do that after being inspired on here.


This is interesting. :thinking: I do have a bunch of stickers that I’ve been keeping around but don’t quite know what to do with them… I wonder if they would be enough to turn a postcard into something like this!


I’d love to receive a few sticker bombed postcards!


How fun!


I have joined swaps where the (ugly) image side is fully covered with stickers, and here almost fully stickery postcard sent as official:

It’s really good way to use the left over stickers.


There is an RR that has this sort of sticker bombing as a group:

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Turns out I have been sticker bombing things for years without knowing it had a name!


I usually don’t like stickers, but this looks fun! If I ever happen to get stickers from somewhere, I will have to test this out.


I have way too many stickers. I may have to try this!


Check this out to get free stickers


i gave it a go…

… but i’m not sure how i feel about the results. maybe sticker bombing isn’t my kind of art!


Oh why? I love it! The hedgehog in particular

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I like it!

The card is really beautiful. :hugs: :heart_eyes: :hugs:

I love stickers so much, this is just the thing for me.
I think this is so awesome, saw it and tried it immediately. This is such a wonderful idea. And so much fun to make.

Front (sticker only)

Back (stickers and a little space for two sentences and of course the address.

And for someone who doesn’t like stickers, these cards are the horror :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:


I thought so too, and which ones I can’t use. Try it, it’s so funny. :hugs: :rofl:

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I would LOVE if there was a sticker bomb tag!!!
This is my desk where I write all of my postcards!!! I almost signed up for the RR but the rules say only 2 members from the same country per category. I’ll be waiting patiently to sign up!!!


I would love to trade a sticker bomb card to you! (If I missed that you don’t like direct swaps ignore this)
I agree that there should be a whole section just for sticker bombing! Also you cna buy blank post cards for water color or other stuff so I might do that or I have micky mouse post cards I could cover up lol


I would LOVE that!!!
I’ll send you a message and we can exchange info!
After I posted this I found a tag in the forum literally called “sticker tag” LOLZ
Where it’s just sticker bomibing a Postcard.