Sticker bombing on postcard

The post office here gives away free postcards for holidays. These for Valentine’s Day had nice images but the messages were a little too “love”y, so I sticker bombed all around the images themselves.


“What do you all think?”

If someone is sticker-bombing the writing side of the card, it’s totally okay for me. I also use stickers from time to time.

But I received some cards with beautiful pictures and they were bombed with stickers. I really hate this, it makes me sad. Infact I delete such pictures from my wall.
I’d rather prefer a boring ad card than a card covered with a tons of stickers.

It is a different matter if you have bought extra blank cards for this. Then it could be really interesting.

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I love the interaction of the photos with the stickers! I might have to try this with magazine clippings :dizzy_face:

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Recently, this topic reminded me of covering my old laptop with airmail stickers some years ago…

I have a new one that I’ve kept pristine for a few years now… maybe it’s time to start the covering again! :slight_smile:


I love this idea! I recently bought some blank postcards to write kanji on, but I love the idea of decorating them with tons of stickers… I have so many kawaii stickers… might be fun to swap. :sweat_smile:

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Me too! :laughing:

I think we should have a tag for that :blush:

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I like your first version and go at Sticker Bombing. I would be happy postcrosser to recieve something similar.
Good first try!

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Thanks for the inspiration, Yudi! I tried sticker bombing for the first time on a boring envelope. I hope it gets there okay! I only wish I had used the larger stickers first, then the smaller ones. And I forgot to take a picture to share. Sticker bombing is a great way to use up lackluster or humdrum stickers, too.


Right exactly ideal for stickers that are difficult to use. And the results are always so cool.
Next time do not forget the picture. :hugs:

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This is such a good idea. I have some postcards from a boxed set with virtually nothing on them, and I’d been wondering what on earth I could do with them. This! Thank you.

I sorted my stickers and these from the “new postcard” are so hard to use on normal postcards. Now I have used them all up and another sticker postcard was created.

This kind of stickers are by the way the last page of a partner wall calendar so for decoration, I have this calendar for many years. And therefore from each year some left. Now finally all the leftovers are well used up.


And another postcard from those free stickers from the supermarket.


I love this! I love Shaun the Sheep. Would you like to do a swap? I have made these two-

The postcards have poems on the back. Let me know if you would like to swap :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: @Monika2019