Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art

Looking at the whole image you posted, it would be amazing to receive a postcard that is a collage of the finished art and the progress panels too!

That would be cool but I would need to have that printed :grin: the fun will be when they register it they get to see the progression

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today i’ll send this one to a sweet soon-to-be mother in sweden - i hope she’ll like it as much as i do

(pls ignore my messy desk😅)


Very cute 🫶🏻

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Amazing card, amazing story! Glad it arrived in the end thanks to another Postcrosser!!


I received today a bunch of cute things to decorate :star_struck: So many possibilities! I’m very excited to make something beautiful!


Woww @Xute !! Just Amazing!!
What I would do to get a card like that, so beautiful - sadly i just started PC otherwise i would offer you anything for your art :sparkles::sparkles:
I mostly do scrapbooked cards rn


I can do similar for you, just pick a painting (or I can choose myself as a surprise based on your favourites), and write me your address in PMs :hugs:

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wait really?? Oh wow, thank you sm - i’ll dm you in a second :face_holding_back_tears::tulip:

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It made with washitapes?

Yes, I posted tutorial (sort of) here: Washi tape discussions! - #122 by Xute


Beautiful! A couple years ago, a friend and I got together and spent a day making larger cyanotype prints. This looks like a wonderful size and the rough edges are a nice variation (we applied ours to the edge). Thanks for sharing!

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my creation


Love these! :heart_eyes:

This is beautiful!

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They are so pretty. Love both cards.

Using 14 different stamps :grinning:


This is wonderful!!

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I love the Asian lady! Beautiful!

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made this whale card today, one of favorite handmade cards i did so far :whale2::sparkles:
it does not have a new home yet…