Washi tape discussions!

I’m using a small Tea Forte box (from a gift) to store my washi tapes. It has a small inner box, so it is two tiered. It fits nicely on my desk. I’ll graduate to an empty Saran Wrap box after this!

I get most of my washi tapes from Dollar Tree. If you like one, don’t wait! They won’t be there for long! I also like Scotch brand which I got from Wal-Mart.


I finally got an empty aluminum foil box. It works out great! The metal teeth cuts the washi tape perfectly!


This is a brilliant idea, actually, never thought of it before! :grinning:


I have an addiction to washi but I have become more selective lately about what I keep. I prefer Japanese brands like BGM but I also really like collecting licensed/character prints like Sailor Moon, Sanrio, etc!


I realise your post was awhile ago… but those 3 tapes that you mention being your favourites seem intriguingly abstract! Do you have photos of what the tapes look like, or maybe a link to the shop where you got them? I’m curious to see what they look like stretched out :slight_smile:

@meiadeleite via Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art - #1406 by meiadeleite

The washi tapes from which the handmade postcards were made are from the set on the left - it was twenty Van Gogh themed narrow washi. I like having sets of Van Gogh tapes like the one on the right too.

But the glue on these washi tapes is not that good: while for wider tapes I either use stick glue or stickers on top for the edges, for narrow ones it just doesn’t work in my regular decoration

Even though it looks like it’s hard to do, it’s not at all! I just mark very general lines for the picture, and then fill it with colour of washi which fits somewhat, ripping them approximately with fingers. The Van Gogh colours do the rest of the work!

I decorated the backsides in the same technique for Decorated Wildcard tag and now finishing ones for the Handmade RR. I made pictures of the process of one (I hope whoever will receive it wouldn’t mind the spoiler), photos are a bit potato quality because lights are off - nappy time for my son :blush:

Of course with Van Gogh tapes nicest would be recreation of his own paintings which I did for the ones shown in the source post. For next try I decided to use the motive of Wassily Kandinsky ‘Winter landscape’ painting as a reference (https://www.wassilykandinsky.ru/work-123.php). In his early works he was inspired by French impressionists.

1 step - 2H pencil outlines, the houses are already covered by thin single colour tape

2 step - Beginning of filling - I usually do the small areas first

3 step - Filling the big areas - since Van Gogh colours are more summer-spring the winter scene will need some tinkering

4 step - the ‘tails’ of washi tapes cut, I used correction fluid for snow roofs and Sakura calligraphic pen of 2.0 mm for trees, windows and shadows

5 step - Ready! Now time for laminator or a zip bag (I cut the window for the stamp on the backside, so it gets cancelled, but the card itself protected by plastic bag)


This is the shop where I have bought them. They have many special washi tapes.


Thank you so much for this mini-tutorial — the result is great! :heart_eyes: I don’t have such wonderfully colored tapes, but I think I’ll give it a try with a simpler design that fits the colors I have and see how it works. So inspiring!


It’s a washi dreamland! :heart_eyes:


Pardon my ignorance but is there a difference between washi tape and masking tape? It looks to me like washi is a decorated masking tape. I did a quick google search for masking tape I did get some washi results as well as “decorative masking tape”. Naturally, it could just mean that there are more people who are confused. So I thought I would ask the experts :grin: Is washi a name for decorative masking tape or are they two different things?

I’m not an expert, but I guess originally washi tapes were tapes made from traditional Japanese washi paper (Washi - Wikipedia). Most of the washi tapes sold have very recognizable paper structure.

Then, what happened with time imo, the word ‘washi tape’ started to be used as umbrella word for all paper masking tapes and now almost any tapes used for decoration (so that’s why google results of ‘washi tape’ and ‘decorative masking tape’ would be nearly identical)

So the word tree from more general to more specific would be: Masking tapes → Decorative masking tapes → Paper decorative masking tapes → Washi tapes


I see, thank you! By the way, the range of washi uses is fascinating :exploding_head:

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I recently decided to try washi tape. This was obviously a mistake as I have received about 30 samples and full rolls in the last 2 weeks. I have no idea how to store them, especially the samples. Any suggestions?


Please look here and join our washi tape discussion! :relaxed:


In Tupperware.

Divider found when buy cookies.

Sorry about messy desk and bad light


That sounds like an excuse to buy cookies :wink:


Here is my collection of washi tapes and stickers - I do have a few rolls of the individual stickers and I really like them! They’re a handy size for postcards.

I’ve tried to keep my collection of tapes manageable, only buying more when I’ve used some rolls up. There are sooooo many beautiful tapes, they’re terribly tempting!

I used a cutlery drawer organizer and it lives on top of the little filing cabinet where all of my postcards, stamps, pens, etc live.


I recently purchased some sticker albums from Japan to try and get my sticker and washi collection under control. Pictured left to right are albums for sticker sheets, flake stickers, and washi samples. I took some photos specifically of the washi album for you all – it has about 20 sheets of glossy paper with dotted lines to help place your samples neatly. The pocket on the inner cover has two plastic sample cards as well as sticker tabs so you can organize by colour. I really don’t have as much washi anymore because I downsized and gave a lot away, but here is my current collection organized!


I made the mistake of going to the craft store yesterday. There was some washi tape on Clearance, and a Buy 1-Get 2 Free sale on the big packs…

I ended up having to completely reorganize my washi tape box to fit everything :rofl: