Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art

New card made today. Fun time as always.


there is a collaboration of McDonald and Mr Doodle. The take away bags have a really nice pattern so I decide to make into postcard.
ig I will send to someone who like handmade cards or food package card :laughing: :laughing:


Those look so so cool!! I love the design of the box!! Those would definitely make someone happy if they love handmade postcards and also food packaging postcards!! :grin::sparkles::black_heart:

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Fyodor Dostoevsky and Pyotr Tchaikovsky


thankkk u for thattt!!

recent one, just love snoopy sososo much :laughing:


I can’t draw, but I did make this one with washi-tape and stickers only


Simple. Nice

I’ve just looked at some of the cards in this thread - they’re great!! I have never dared make collage cards worrying they would not get to the recipient in one piece… Now I’m thinking: Maybe I should give it a go!

I started making watercolor cards few years ago. Recently, I also started making my own “stickers”. There are owls, fish, whales, elephants and others on old book pages. I then stick them onto the back sides of postcards, as mini-art. They are roughly a bit bigger than a stamp, about 2-3 by 2 cm. Here are photos:


Stickers (some not yet cut out):


If you have no trouble gluing the pieces together, they won’t fall apart (watch out for shiny or very smooth surfaces). Standard paper will cause no issues. But if you are unsure, you can always send it in an envelope :slight_smile:


I love the cat and the elephant :star_struck:

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may i introduce the newest member of “still looking for a home” :white_heart:


@hankadl Thanks for the tipp. What glue do you use?

THIS IS SO CUTE I LOVE IT!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i


I use Herkules but I don’t know if it isn’t just a local brand. It is a universal dispersion glue. It is the most common glue here and cheap, it is sold in any stationary shop/section. It can be used for anything absorbant like paper, wood, leather, fabric, cork… I think that any standard liquid glue for paper will work just fine. I would just avoid glue sticks, I don’t trust them. I always felt they don’t stick very well.

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@hankadl Thank you! I’ll give it a try!!

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Still working on my bear collection :hugs:


Hey! If it does not affect the sending price, my advice is to put the postcard in see-through plastic sleeves, if you mail it from the post office, you can cancel it before putting on protection, so it would still go out as a regular written and stamped postcard! :slight_smile:
I recycle old photo albums, postcard sleeves for binders, (A4 with 4 pockets) or even regular binder sheets that are cut in 4 and fastened with washi.
you can also cover the image/art-side with stronger paper or some sort of advertisement postcard you get for free, and fasten it with washi tape that can be removed. the last option works wonders for postcards going to the USA, to protect them from the infamous ‘white stripe’.
Some greeting cards, sticker sheets etc… are also in plastic covers, those work great too!


Made this college for an online group I participate in.
The theme is architecture