Shortest travel time

I wonder - which of your postcards has the shortest travel time?

I suppose if you had sending to your country on you could get someone from your town - that could still take a few days, though. I’ve seen a some postcards in Germany taking three days - maybe someone from Berlin has sent a card to someone else in Berlin?

I’m interested to hear y’alls experiences!


You might want to check out this thread:

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5 days received, 6 days sent

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Thank you!

This year at the WPD my card was delivered less Than a Day as the girl Who got my address sat next table =))


No way! That’s so cool! That must be the absolute record!


Cards within Germany often receive after 1 day - so I have 49 Cards with this travelling time.

That was the first one:


Ten years ago Royal Mail could get a card half way across the UK in a day:


Just 5 days from Spain to Germany!

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And If Not take into accounts “cheating” and inland mailing, the shortest time ever is 4 days from German - Last year

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They still can when it suits them, my British Isles Tag & Round Robin cards regularly get there the very next day, and that’s using second class stamps, it happened again just yesterday, others can take 10-14 days, it’s a complete mystery!


My shortest send was 2 days, from UK to Belgium:

My shortest receives were 2 days too, from Germany to UK.

I have never sent internal postcards on Postcrossing (only to friends) so I’m not sure about the stats there.


In Germany, 1 day.
My fastest card outside of Germany.

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Shortest travel time received: 2 days from Texas, USA to Texas, USA

Shortest time sent: 2 days from Vaduz, Liechtenstein to Germany

I have a sent card listed as 1 Day travel time from USA to Germany but in reality, the receiver just deactivated their Postcrossing account the day after I mailed the postcard.

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Shortest travel time send within the Netherlands:

Shortest travel time received within the Netherlands, there are a bunch but I like this one a lot:

haha technically mine is 0 days! the user changed his address within the same day of me getting it, and postcrossing automatically registered his cards. i still sent him a PM to ask for his new address! the card hadn’t even gone out in the mail yet!


I recently had one from NH, USA to Puerto Rico, USA, arrive in 3 days - that’s a long distance and even cards to the next state over usually take more than that! It was a nice surprise given I have about half my travelling list made up of cards I am not sure will be registered before they expire for various reasons


On that note…

My shortest sent was a mere two days to cover 306 km from New Jersey, through New York, and into Connecticut.

For receiving, I got a handful of 3 day transits, but haven’t scored a two day yet. The longest travelled 3 day receipt was a coast-to-coast 3941 km journey from Ventura California. Although probably a much longer journey for this fish, which would have had to go through the Panama Canal to get to me.

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I removed a bunch of posts on this topic which were just disappointing. Nowhere in the Community Guidelines is it stated that all postcards must be delivered via the postal service — in fact, the first postcards of Postcrossing were all handed out by hand, between friends.

Of course, the vast majority of postcards will be delivered via the postal service… but if you’re sitting next to the recipient, we certainly don’t expect you to still mail that postcard through the post office. :roll_eyes:


Moving on!

I have a few postcards from the very first ones in Postcrossing sent to our friends (who @paulo and I poked to join us beta-testing the website) that traveled 1 day, After those, my fastest ones were all sent from Germany to Germany, back when we still lived there. Deutsche Post is amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: