Travelling time 1 day or 0

Do you have cards sent / received with travelling time of 1 day or 0. Yes that’s a zero!
Was it years ago or recently?

I am curious about other countries mail service.


Received 12 from NL in 1 day. Last time juni 2019.
Sent 1 card in 0 days to BY. Autoregistered updating address.


Yes, a few ones, sent as well as received. And all of them travelled within Germany, none was registered automatically.

The sent ones:

And the received ones:

Oops, not just a few ones…


Wow, this is weird! This thread prompted me to look at my cards, and I received a card from Russia in 3 days once!

I don’t remember noticing the travel time when registering it, and I have no idea how that could happen. Definitely not auto-registered or anything like that. And the card image was uploaded by me, so I physically received the card.


I have one card that “travelled” 0 days:

Of course this has to have been auto-registered, but the image was uploaded by the receiver, so she must have received it. I can only guess (I don’t remember) that she had her incoming cards registered when she changed addresses, but still received at least some of her cards after all.

Cards with 1 day - well, I have sent almost 300 of those, all within Germany. :wink: This is getting rarer, though …

I have also received one card with a travel time of 1 day not with a German ID:

But if you look at this card it becomes clear that it was in fact sent from within Germany, before travel mode existed.


I don’t :slight_smile: My fastest are 3 days from UK to Germany, and also one that took 3 days from UK to UK and one from UK to France.

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These are the fastest that I have sent from the UK:

And my fastest received:

So no one day postcards for me, yet.


I feel like travelling 0 days is possible within Germany without auto registration. Say if you draw an address in the late afternoon before the mail is collected from mailboxes (can be as late as 7pm) and on the second day the recipient is active enough to register the card in the morning or early afternoon. I ahve a few 1 day cards, but so far I haven’t made a case of 0 days.


Yes, that’s absolutely true. Once I sent a birthday card to a friend. I put it into the mailbox which got emptied at 6 p.m.
On the other day she received it at about 10 a.m.
She lived 400 km away from me.

So if I draw an address at about 5 p.m., put it into the 6 p.m.-mailbox, it’s possible to get a regular 0 day travel.


Even within Australia, my fastest cards are two days. Letters within Melbourne (and I have sent and received a handful with other parts of Melbourne) ought to be overnight, but it never happens.


The fastest I’ve gotten cards is 4 days from USA. I’ve never received a card from my own country. But If I would, it would take 10 days because it goes to the USA for processing. Normally when the processing center is open it would take 1 day.


A few years ago I was on holidays in Melbourne and was given the address on somebody who lived five minutes away from where I was staying. I cheated and put it in her letterbox myself. That was zero days. But from this remote corner of Australia mail can take a week or ten days to arrive in other parts of Australia.


I have one card to Russia that was autoregistered just after I wrote it. The user moved so Postcrossing registered all cards. Traveltime obviously was 0 days.
I still sent the card and I hope it did arrive.

This happened only a few month ago.


As a curiosity, we round the travel days when a postcard is registered. So to get 0 days, it actually needs to “travel” less than 12 hours.


You can sort your postcards by travel time? I don’t even have the column :scream:

Edit: Nevermind me, I found the settings. If anyone needs it, you set it here and you also have to set PC view if you are using your phone.

I have received two cards with 2 day travel time. The German one I received on my birthday!


I have only two “sent” that arrived in 2 days -from Italy to Finland and UK (both in 2008!)
And the longer took 293 days to Finland

In the “received” column I have 4 that arrived in 2 days NL, DE, FI,NL
And the longer took 358 days from Germany


I live in Finland.

I have one received card with travelling days 1 (from Finland). And I have 3 sent cards with travelling days 1 (to Finland). It has happened many years ago, no anymore in nowdays (mail delivery is slower nowdays).

Not at all with travelling days 0.

But many cards (both received and sent) with travelling days 2 from/to Finland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Poland or other Central Europian countries.

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I received a postcard from Singapore with a travel time of one day.
This was possible because the sender sent a postcard via an international postcard service. In this case he uploaded a photo, generated a nice text and the postcard reached its destination via my country.


I have several cards with travelling time 1 day. Deutsche Post delivers fast within Germany and so cards from Germany to Germany often just take one day.

I also have one card with travel time 0 days from Germany to Russia. Just after I prepared and sent my card I got a note that this card was registered by Postcrossing. I hope the user got my card anyway.


I only have one postcard that travelled for 1 day.
This one from me to another Postcrosser in Germany:

As I swapped postcards earlier this year, some of my exchange partners from Germany, got my postcard within 1 day after I send the postcard. Mystery, that official postcards which travelled around Germany registered between 2-4 days, but non-official Postcrossing postcards arrived earlier.
(Maybe it’s because of the season or the “wonderful” [ironic] german internet connection sometime. Or when people works and come home late they register the postcard the next day)

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