[RR] US to US Surprise Me -Themeless Fun From Hawaii to Maine! (Updated)

Hey, @MichelleW and pals! I’m here to dip a toe into the RR again. :smiley: May I please join a regular group?


A cosmic spectacle in today’s mail…

GROUP 1820

@MichelleW has always been ahead of her time…this time, literally :cowboy_hat_face:. She shared an awesome Christopher Arndt postcard commemorating next week’s total solar eclipse in the USA. Thank you, Michelle! Southeast Wyoming is only in the “partial eclipse” area, so I’ll watch the coverage on TV. No traffic worries here :sunglasses:

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The Electrical Life of Louis Wain
A bit slow moving if you’re more into action films, but as a dramatic bio, it’s a beautiful movie, and a little sad.

I’m trying to get a RR in Many Themes for the Louis Wain “cat cards”. Just one more to go - but I’ve been waiting a long time for it to fill up. I think Wain might be better known in the UK?

Group 1800 (all cards received)

@Angeldreamer - a puppy in a pool - how was A Turtles Tale?

@jocrafts - Indiana State Flag - I might have to check out that podcast.

@MichelleW I’m baaack! Back from vacation, and I’ve missed my postcard pals! Please add me to the next 2 small groups.


Good evening!
RE: 1820
I report 2 kitty cat cards.
From @MichelleW

Thank you for this nice brown card! I like it. I relate on cat hair everywhere. With my daughter’s 4, they are in 2 alliances the vests (they are grey/brown but have white vests) and then the suits (bodysuits as in solid colors black and white). It’s a constant struggle.

From @eirbjorn

I also like this kitty cat card. Thank you for sharing with me what you shared on the card. It’s not on your profile so that’s why I’m not going into lore detail in this comment.
How nice you have a granddog to dog-sit, my kiddo and I wish we could have a doggy but of course cannot as we are at our animal catpacity but I hope you had a nice time and that’s great you are finding some reprieve in postcrossing


GROUP 1819

@AccentOnHakes - an Irish wolfhound in the snow. Thank you. I like both dogs and cats, and have had both. After having no pets for several years, we recently adopted a cat who has settled in quite nicely. Right now, dogs seem like too much work, especially since we don’t have a fenced yard.

Please add me to another small group.



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I loved that movie and the ending was bittersweet. Another great role for Benedict Cumberbach. I think more people than not would recognize his cards or those modeled on them.

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Just in time for National Burrito Day!!


…Wait. What? Oh! It’s your BIRTHDAY, too!


Group 1820 - I got a fabulous pin-up from @eirbjorn whose style I dub “Real Women Pin-Ups.” I do love these and this is my first received!! Am glad you’re on an upswing with your struggle. I do understand. It’s hard, but you do what you’re told and it gets better. I’m definitely rooting for you! :heart:

And that’s the morning update - thanks to all contributors! hippieemoji

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Wait…it’s National Burrito Day? Finally, a holiday we can ALL get behind! I’m in no way prepared, though. Gotta put up the decorations, arrange gala celebrations, find a parade to attend…then figure out a way to eat as many of those soft tortilla-wrapped cylinders of joy as I can (in a safe, responsible and weight-conscious manner, of course). Time’s a-wastin’!!!


A gorgeous 70° day here in Cheyenne…and an equally beautiful postcard to report!

GROUP 1820

@durangirl shared a vintage poster reprint featuring Fort Marion (now Castillo de San Marcos) National Monument in St. Augustine, Florida. Thank you, Kathy! I had never heard of “Baskerville”, now I want to see it on stage!

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@eirbjorn thanks for this Geocaching card.

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1820 - @KnittingDyke - a photo of hers of Lake Louise in Banff. Nice pic. I have always wanted to go there. Sounds like a great roadtrip.

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@prssrp - thank you! Your card took the very scenic route or decided to hang out and watch the other mail pass through. Naps are always wonderful! I tend to take them way too often and sometimes not by choice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can I join group 1822, and 1824 please

Thank you so much! : )
I think the last time Easter was on my birthday, I was turning 8?
This year I got to turn 31 on the 31st so that’s satisfying in its own way lol.
In fact I was so buys celebrating last weekend, I’m finally catching up on my cards!


Group 1800
@jocrafts “Everything happens in its own time!” Wise and true! I love that one. I hear you on life getting busy, I have these random bouts of business and I’m the same: catching up on all my cards! So nice to be in another group with you, looking forward to the next!

Group 1804 (I’ve now received all my cards for this group!:heart:)
@nhigh Washington, DC cherry blossom collage where the cherry blossom branch divides the pictures! Super cool! That is so cool you got to visit there! It’s definitely on my bucket list, although I’ll have to visit in the spring of course : )

Join 1823 Please :slight_smile: