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Cats #201
A beautiful black cat card from @BriJN :black_cat: with a lovely black cat sticker too. Thank you so much Bri! Funnily enough, I sent this card on Postcrossing recently - what a coincidence!

Surprise #200
I received three beautiful Alexia Claire cards from this group :heart_eyes: from @ZoeJN @MoominMog and @EmmaG. Whales & Wildflowers of Britain and a Cete of Badgers make wonderful additions to my collection and look brilliant displayed next to each other :sunflower::whale::badger: All are beautifully decorated too. Thank you all, so much!

@tesc sent me a gorgeous National Trust map of Cornwall. Despite living in Devon for three years, there’s so much more of Cornwall I’m yet to explore. Thank you for the lovely card.

@CEBooth thank you for the Earth from Apollo 4 card. I also love space, its fascinating! I hadn’t noticed it was upside down until you said :rofl:


Cards for #195 Food, etc. were sent today.

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Two from 200:

Bodmin and Wenford railway postcard of a non-mainstream industrial locomotive from @MoominMog
I have actually been to this railway - makes a change from the usual, where people say “I assume you’ve been here loads of times” and I have to awkwardly admit I’ve never heard of it :sweat_smile:
I have also heard of the Windermere branch but not travelled on it . . . yet!

This amazing US president puzzle card from @ZoeJN - it’s at the right level for me as despite my encyclopaedic knowledge of US presidents (I blame Sporcle) it took me a while to get them and I’m still working on #3! Also fun to hear about your Indian train journey, ice cream is great and it’s even better if it’s on a train!


My Group #195 Food, Drink & Recipes :coffee: :cake: postcards have been written and will be heading to their recipients from a local postbox with a late collection later this afternoon.

Meanwhile, I’ve received my first Group #195 Food, Drink & Recipes :coffee: :cake: postcard: many thanks to @mwntimperial for your smoking doughnut postcard! I’m not sure that I’ll be enjoying an ice cream today, as there has just been a light shower of rain where I am. Maybe tomorrow?!


Wow, that arrived quickly. I posted it second-class yesterday afternoon!


My cards for 195 are posted :postbox: and I also received my first card for this group from @mwntimperial. Beautiful colourful macarons! Happy postcrossing birthday for yesterday :tada::birthday: Mine, for 3 years, was last week. It seems June is a popular month to join.


Have you got Number 3 yet? I’m baffled! x


Shortly after posting I realised it’s Barrow-Cob-hammer . . . tenuous!


Wow, even now I’m not convinced :joy:

I had word 1 & 3 but for two I was thinking corn or husk, and just could not work it out - well done! x


May I join group #202 shaped cards please? I haven’t been around in a while, but my address is still the same as before!


Thank you @chrisbonham11 for the many beets for #195 - Food, etc. Who knew there were so many varieties? I also like beetroot and I do like a beetroot brownie! I’ll have to try the salad you mention. Great stamp connection with the Land Army photo, too! Thank you!


Group #200 Surprise :gift:

Thank you @ZoeJN for the wonderful card bought in Galway for my rabbit collection :rabbit: I love the Queen Elizabeth ii stamp, cute washi & the brilliant bunny stickers you chose for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The unpredictable weather :cloud_with_rain: :sunny: :cloud_with_rain: :sunny: is making our garden grow like crazy, but it’s nice to sit out on sunny mornings watching the bunnies living their best bouncy lives! I hope your garden is coming on nicely too x


Group #201 Cats :cat2: has been completed.
Addresses for Group #198 Night Scenes & Views :night_with_stars: have been sent.

RR Updated :smile_cat:

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I received two great cards yesterday for Group #195 Food, Drink & Recipes :coffee: :cake:

Thank you @mwntimperial Elisabeth for the FAB (see what I did there?) Seafront Ice Cream Parlour card & perfectly matching ice lolly & ice cream stickers! Great Royal stamps too, thank you.

Oooh, it’s hard to choose a favourite :icecream: :icecream: :icecream: but as a child I liked Raspberry Ripple or Mr Whippy with strawberry sauce & sprinkles, now it’s probably Ben & Jerry Strawberry Cheesecake!

I really do love an ice cream/gelato…

and thank you to @chrisbonham11 for the Casa Pepe book of Spanish Cooking card, I feel hungry just thinking about it! :yum: :shallow_pan_of_food::wine_glass: Pleased to hear you had such a lovely time eating in Marbella!

Great Coronation stamp too, thank you, I think that might be the first one I’ve received! :crown: x


Delicious ice-cream photos @EmmaG ! I am feeling very hungry now and would love an ice-cream if it were just a little warmer!


It’s lovely & sunny here this morning, but probably not quite ice cream weather lol x


My postie brought this gorgeous thing this morning from Mark @Maddymail for BIRR 200 (Surprise). It is a golden chariot from the Oxus Treasure, Tajikistan, in the British Museum. Thank you, Mark!

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This Commemorative meet up card, designed by @JennyAssis for King Charles & Queen Camilla’s Coronation (with a fab Charles & Camilla stamp!) has arrived today from @Maddymail for Group #200 Surprise

Thank you Mark, I hope you all had a fantastic time, I’m off to check the meet up thread to see if there’s any photos! :uk::crown: x

EDIT: Great photos, looks like you all had a great time, love the tshirt Mark! x


Thank you so much to @geo_ for the absolutely lovely handwritten recipe postcard. Your handwriting is beautiful! Even the envelope was a work of art. I was so pleased to come home to this. We are very behind with baking and so I really need to give this a go! Thank you, Georgia!


For group 195 I received a lovely Botanicum/Kew card from @chrisbonham11 showing Durian. I’ve never tried it myself but it sounds interesting! P. S. I love the BB8 star wars stamp! Thank you Chris!