Royal Mail 'cyber-incident' hits overseas post

Royal Mail says it is unable to send letters and parcels overseas following a “cyber-incident”.

The delivery firm is telling customers to stop sending items overseas while it tries to resolve the issue.

Royal Mail said there were also minor delays to post coming into the UK, but domestic deliveries are unaffected.

It apologised and said its teams were “working around the clock to resolve this disruption” and would update customers when it had more information.

Royal Mail is understood to be calling it a “cyber-incident” rather than a cyber attack because it does not know what has caused the problem.

Its computerised systems for sending letters and parcels abroad had been “severely disrupted”, it said.

“We immediately launched an investigation into the [cyber] incident and we are working with external experts,”

The National Cyber Security Centre, which is part of the UK’s cyber intelligence agency GCHQ, is involved in trying to work out what has happened, alongside the National Crime Agency.

Regulators have also been told of the incident.


I just saw this on the news too. Normally I pull addresses on a Wednesday night to write on Thursday (it’s my day off).
What do you think ? Any guesses how long it might go on for ?


Who knows?! I guess just keep monitoring the news/RM comms.

I put a letter to my PenPal in US in the box this AM, I’ve e-mailed her (ironically!) to let her know I haven’t forgotten in case it’s delayed as she is due a letter.

Part of me wonders a) if this is manufactured to deflect from current poor service (evidenced in my own long transit times on my current list of officials) and they cannot now blame Christmas/Strikes or b) something has been awry for a while (again, evidenced in my own long transit times on my current list of officials) and in the absence of strike/Christmas to blame (and volumes reaching tipping points) they have had no choice but to go public.

Or am I being cynical ?


Gosh, I sent so many envelopes today internationally… I hope they manage to get there. They only recently made the sorting centres entirely computer-based, rather than partially manual, so what a bind for them to be hit with something like this… (if it is legitimate!)


Meanwhile, back in North America, flights delayed due to FAA outage.
Some rather mischievous gnomes operating ‘out there’!


Get them written, post them when you can. It’s what I do all the time.


I haven’t found this at all. Everything naturally slow before Christmas, masses and masses and masses of postcards delivered since, more than 20 this month alone.


Daily Telegraph is reporting it’s the work of Russian hackers:

A Russia-linked ransomware gang was behind the Royal Mail cyber attack that forced it to suspend international postal deliveries leaving more than half a million parcels and letters stuck in limbo, The Telegraph can disclose.

The attack, which has paralysed the postal service’s ability to send letters and parcels abroad, was carried out by a gang called Lockbit.

Lockbit’s signature ransomware scrambles files on computers and flashes up a message demanding payment in hard-to-trace cryptocurrencies as the price for unscrambling them again.

Royal Mail declined to comment. The company said on Wednesday: “We have asked customers temporarily to stop submitting any export items into the network while we work hard to resolve the issue”.

The National Cyber Security Centre, a branch of GCHQ, is helping Royal Mail clean up and remove the malicious software. The National Crime Agency is also investigating. Both agencies have been contacted for comment.

Lockbit’s members are thought to have close links to Russia.

The gang is thought to have extorted around $100m (£82m) from its victims and previously targeted car dealership chain Pendragon as well as children’s hospitals.

A Lockbit member said in an online chat: “We benefit from the hostile attitude of the West (towards Russia). It allows us to do conduct such an aggressive business and operate freely within the borders of the former Soviet (CIS) countries.”

Sources said the attack had knocked out all of Royal Mail’s ability to process outbound international post.

Lockbit’s ransomware, known as Lockbit Black, scrambled software on Royal Mail machines used for printing vital customs dockets that are attached to parcels going overseas.

The ransom note, seen by The Telegraph, says: “Lockbit Black Ransomware. Your data are stolen and encrypted.”

Gang members also threaten to publish stolen data on a dark web site maintained by Lockbit.

“You can contact us and decrypt one file for free,” the note continues.

Royal Mail said domestic post was not affected by the ransomware attack. It declined to comment on whether it had contacted the attackers.

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Because I’ve been extremely lazy recently my outgoing postcards have been piling up for a coupla weeks. Yesterday I put 17 cards in the post. Well, I guess they’re gonna take a while …


I was thinking about arranging some swap to Britain……seems I should delay the plans.

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Is anyone still pulling addresses? I might wait for a while. :frowning:

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I pulled several addresses yesterday and they were to overseas. All after the attack was made public and the postal monitor post was updated. Although i have some slots free i am not going to pull any more addresses until Royal Mail says we can post overseas.


I have a few cards waiting to go and have another slot free but once I saw the news I decided it’d be best to wait (and hope it doesn’t continue for long) before getting another address


@PinkSuedeShoes I know, I have three slots free and as I WFH on Fridays I have time at lunch to write them, missing my little routine but think it’s for the best to pause for a bit!!


So I’ve just been, to one of my local Post Offices to collect a couple of the Iron Maiden Miniature Sheets,

I asked about international post, they wouldn’t accept anything, including my postcards, they asked me to hold on to them and not even post in the box outside until further notice.


Let’s hope there is a quick solution. Looking at the issue though I am worried there might not be!!!


thank you that is really helpful to know!

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@JennyAssis @seaview (tagged for Info at request)


Because of my health, I can’t write masses of postcards all at once (as I would want to once the incident is eventually over) so I think I’m going to carry on asking for the odd address and let them build up here. But I wish that just for a few days, we could only draw UK addresses, so we can keep on sending. It’s frustrating.


I agree. It would be really nice to send some via domestic post! @Florallle