Request - Postcard Exchange with 7th Graders in Japan

Hi! I’m interested as well!

i’d like to send You a card from Gdańsk, Poland.


I can send a Card from Germany.

LG Martin

Hey! I’d love to participate!

Hello (Kia Ora) from New Zealand. I’d like to participate please. Thanks.

I will send a postcard from Taiwan

I would love to send your students a postcard and receive one. Please send me the address.

Hi! I’d like to send a postcard to your students. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would your students like to receive my handmade card made with my hand-carved eraser stamp from Osaka, Japan ? Or are they more interested in receiving cards from abroad, not Japan? Please message me with the address if they would like a card from me in Osaka, Japan :slight_smile:

Sure, nice idea! Send me your address and I´ll send you a card from Alfter/Germany.

Great idea!
I will participate, send me your address!

Hi, I’d love to send a card to your class!

Hi, I could send a card from Northern Germany!

I would love to help out!

Hi, I would love to help. I can send them a card or, we can both help our kids.

I am an Assistant Scoutmaster with Boy Scouts. One of the requirements for the Citizenship in the World is Talk with a student or Scout from another country and discuss the typical values, holidays, ethnic foods, and traditions practiced or enjoyed there. Would you consider swapping cards from my scouts to your students? I know the postage may be a lot for you to send cards here. So, if needed, you can email me their responses to my scout email.

If that isn’t what you want to do, I can send one just from me. Just let me know and the address. My Aunt Michiko was born in Hiroshima. I would love to help out students in Japan.

Take Care, Nancy B. Kraus

I would like to send a postcard too! I can write a little bit in Japanese.

Hello Moudi!

I’d love to send a card to your class from San Diego with the clear understanding that I will not receive one. Pls PM me your address.

Dear mod14,
I’m very sorry, but I accidentally deleted the email where you sent me the address. Can you please send it to me again?

Thank you!

Hello from Slovenia,

I am interested to send you postcard and some details about our small country :wink: