Request - Postcard Exchange with 7th Graders in Japan

Hi, I would love to send a postcard from the UK

This is an interesting initiative. I would very much like to exchange postcards with your students…

I would be delighted to send a postcard from Canada — and to receive one, too, if it helps the students practice English (and it’s not too much trouble!). Please PM me the address.

Would love to contribute! Feel free to PM me the address

As far as I know, you won’t be able to send me an answer, but I’d still like to participate!

I’ll write from Australia :earth_asia::kangaroo: PM sent

I would love to send from Massachusetts, USA!

I’d be happy to send your class a postcard from Washington, DC, USA!

I would be happy to send a card from Colorado with info about our beautiful state.

Hi I would love to send a postcard :smiley: If the class want to send me one that’s great. Just let me know & I will send my address.

Hi! I would love to send a postcard and I would also love to receive one from your class! :smiley::love_letter:

If you would like to receive a card from Switzerland please feel free to send me the address.

Please provide your class’s complete mailing address. Thanks, JamesC (in New York ity)

I would love to send a postcard to your students. Let me have your address. What a lovely idea!

Hello Moudi, you can send me the address too.

What a nice idea! I would love to send a card to the students from Finland. :slight_smile: Send me the address if you’re still looking for people

Hello yes I’d be interested in sharing about our country for your students

I also want to participate. I am studying high school in China and we can exchange addresses

I’d love to participate!

I am also interested! :slight_smile: