Questions about the new forum

Hello, I’ve noticed one of the badges is for 10 consecutive days. Where does it show how many days a member has logged into the forum consecutively?

Hi @Penguin123, welcome aboard! I don’t think it says anywhere — the system will just keep track of it, and awards you the badge when you’ve been around for 10 consecutive days. Note that some badges are not awarded every minute or hour, so it can take up to 24 hours for it to show up on your profile.

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Well I am disappointed, my photos upload to 100 percent and then errors out before they will post here, I am wondering why just on this site… it has worked here before.

I have beautiful red spider lilies blooming now.

Sounds like there’s an issue somewhere… :frowning: I haven’t heard of other people reporting this problem though, so I wonder what’s up. Could it be that the files you’re trying to upload are too big, or in an unusual format? And if not, maybe you could give it a go with another browser or device, just to check if that works?

Thank you I will try that.

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Do we have a topic

Stuck travelling (sent)

Like on the old forum? It is only since today I’m missing this.

The topic for complaining only, not discus. The ventilate pages.

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Haha, I missed it yesterday or the day before, when a new Topic was opened (don’t remember, what is was).

Edit: Postcrossing (Legacy) Forum - Stuck travelling (sent)

It was opened by @mundoo - maybe you will open it again, Vicky?

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Or shall we not?? What I liked about it was the complaining without expecting help or comments.

A notification subject.

I am a bit surprised we have done it without this since the start of the new forum - realy a long time.
My Q was not to open this one, I just wondered where it went on the new forum.
If up to me only, it’s not essential.

Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for: Your greatest cards that never made it

Not realy. (@borealis)

Stuck travelling (sent) was a topic for Travelling 0-60 days postcards. That where stuck in travelling time.

There are several topics for Expired 61-365 days postcards.

Your suggestion is for postcards that have no status at all in postcrossing anymore, removed after 365 days.

Is there a way to wrap text around images? Or is that ancient HTML territory that we should not think about doing in the 21st century :grinning:

I don’t think that’s possible here (at least not easily)… :frowning: The forum keeps the formatting simple, so that there’s less of a chance of messing up things, and people can stay focused on the content and not how it is presented.

You can have 2 images side by side though!

Thank you! If I recall, image alignment was a bit of a browser issue back in the early 2000s and never played well with mobile devices so it’s probably just as well. I did use the side by side option, just to keep the scrolling down.

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Hi everybody. I am from Croatia and I have an question. How do I start a forum site?

Welcome @JSSDNN !

Do you mean starting a new topic by yourself?

Then it’s probably this:

Welcome @JSSDNN
And sorry, I moved your question to the wrong Topic first, but it’s right here.

Hello, I’m a bit curious about the “Forum Veteran” badge. How do an old forum member own it?

Those badges were given automatically by the system. There was some script that was responsible for that.

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