Your greatest cards that never made it

I just had the idea for this thread while thinking about the great cards I sent that expired. Do you know this feel? You have a great card, maybe even one you only have one copy of, send it and hope it arrives so you can see it on your wall. And then it never arrives! It’s frustrating.
I hope there’s not a thread like this already. I thought we could share these cards here so they won’t be totally lost. :slight_smile:

For example here are some that are expired currently:

Sent 101 days ago. This is a vintage one I sadly can’t get more of. (Friedrich Wöhler, chemist)

Sent 193 days ago


Sent 253 days ago…

Great idea!


141 days ago…
115 days ago…
87 days ago…

Fingers crossed! There might still be a chance. :hugs:


Will be deleted by the system soon. 284 days. Last seen 7 months ago.
I believe this will be my 3rd card deleted by the system after 1 year. Last year I had 2.


Thank you for this topic. great idea!

I’m still sad about this one:

I made it using a book illustration. the text wrapped around the card: “throwaway society”. I just really liked the illustration. Gone for 3 years now.

More recently, a card of mine expired, and around the 100 day mark I messaged the recipient (active account) to ask if they wanted to see photos of the card (i usually take photos of both front and back). I suggested they create a forum user to receive the photos, but they gave me an email address instead. It was nice to be able to still share the image and message that I had spent time choosing for them. Of course i also told them that they shouldn’t register the card unless they receive it for real some day.


This one to a USA Postcrosser that should have arrived a long time ago. The recipient lives in an area hard hit by covid, so it’s hard not to worry about them. I picked the card special because of the recipient’s enthusiasm about Russian language.


I love this thread!

I have 2 particular favourites:

  1. Travelling for 160 days to Indonesia

  1. Travelling for 169 days to USA

I still hope that they will arrive someday! :crossed_fingers:t3:


I sent this card within Germany. I had two copies and sent the second copy after 100 days passed. The recipient is an active user and replied to my personal message telling me the card hadn’t arrived. Now after 221 days neither of the cards got through. What a pity!

Today I sent a different card and hope that one will arrive after all .


wow! strange to lose two identical cards in a row within Germany! Maybe this specific image contains a genie and escapes as soon as it can? Or the shinyness attracts magpies who steal the card and hides it their nests?

anyway. you are a hero for sending replacement cards.


No. I’m not heroic at all. I just don’t want a card within my own country with an active recipient to be deleted from the system after a year. But that is my last try. If the card now doesn’t arrive, I might tell the admins - don’t know yet.


Martha the wolf, a drawing made by my sister, got lost on her way to the Netherlands.


I wonder if for this pandemic year, that the year limit should be extended for possible late registrations - there’s been so much pressure & so many things that have disrupted our postal systems this year.

I don’t know how hard this would be to change in the system or how disruptive it would be, but maybe adding an additional 6 months might help.


Here is Paulo’s answer. I asked the same question.


This selfmade card has now been travelling for 268 days to Taiwan. It would definitely be sad if this card was lost.



To France - travelling 335 days


I once sent another copy of this card to Germany some years ago (2016? 2017?) and it never arrived. :crying_cat_face:

Also this firefighter from Oulu has been travelling 141 days to Russia. I wonder if the mature-ish theme is a reason it has not arrived yet?


I wouldn’t want that. The fact is that at some point, I do not know when this happens, but with a large number of expired postcards, the system blocks the user and does not allow him to write addresses anymore. I have a lot of addresses in the USA right now. A very large number of postcards that I sent there were lost. The USA continues to fall out very often. Almost after 1 address. If after a year the lost cards will not disappear from our lists and the number of expired cards will only increase the risk that the profile may be blocked will increase. I would not want my profile to be blocked, because it is not my fault that the postcards were never registered/received. Some users have not appeared on the site for several months


I would suspect that rule would not be applied so automatically this year or next given the pandemic - I’m sure there has been a huge increase in expired cards this year so far. I trust the folks running Postcrossing to take this into account.

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Only this one so far - 112 days travel (USA-China) at the moment. It’s a great card as well, especially for a recipient who loves planes and also has a master’s degree in geology!

Hopefully it will eventually arrive and be a nice surprise.


There is no any single word in the Russian language.