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Thank you, all @kotona @Norway_girl & @paulo!!! I should have time this afternoon to give it another try! I will be sure and let you know. Very interesting catch, being new I don’t think that would have ever occurred to me that the name would be different especially since the first parts of the tutorial actually responded to discobot lol!

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Hi @postbot I accidentally changed the display of the forum to ‘desktop’- how do I change it back?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @postbot display help.

Hi Clare! :wave: Are you using the forum on your mobile phone? And if so, are you using it on the browser, or through the DiscourseHub app?

Hi @meiadeleite ! I think I worked it out. I had to scroll a bit to get the option back on my phone but it’s all working like it should be now! :smiley:


I want to ask you one thing I wonder and if someone wiser would know the answer. Why don’t I always get a notification when someone likes my post?! Sometimes I get a notification but sometimes I don’t! It bothers me. I’ve checked that the settings are OK, but I still don’t always get a notification. Why?

If you go to your profile, and then preferences/notifications, you can change that configuration.

I feel stupid. Now it probably works. :sweat_smile::woman_facepalming:

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@pjdewire check here
@Kbaker you too

Is Philip not on here yet or did I spell his name wrong?

Can someone please tell me how to unsubscribe from these automatic notifications being posted? Every now and then a Mod posts these reminders on the wishlist tags, and every time I get notifications from them.

My notification settings on these threads are Normal (You will be notified if someone mentions your @name or replies to you.) which since these posts don’t @ or reply to me should be sufficient, but for some reason is not…

If I have broken any rules, but I would rather get a PM explaining exactly what I did wrong than a vague reminder where I’m not sure and have to spend time figuring out whether it even refers to me or is meant for someone else.

Thanks in advance!

@qrulez I’m not active in the tag category and I didn’t got those notifications already.
But maybe @JetteLise or @nekelin (or another user) can help you.


Ah. I know what this is! I’ll fix it and you shouldn’t get any more notifications. :slight_smile:

Edit to add:

You haven’t broken any rules and I do send a PM if people (accidentally) do. :wink:

Please let me know if you get any notifications in future.


I only get notification when you or jette changes the first post in the tags I started. It’s okay because it makes me know the new rules of the tags.

I don’t know that someone else also get this notification.

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There is a list in the description of the #wishlist-tag-game tags:

One of the links was leading to a reply by @qrulez, not the first post of the topic. This is why they received those notifications every time I posted it in a tag to remind people of this rule.

It should be fixed now, @qrulez gets a notification for this reply for mentioning their username but not for the link in the post. :crossed_fingers:


Yes, I got only the @ notification now.
Thank you for fixing it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there. I’m completely new so I’m really sorry to sound so dumb but I simply cannot work out how to start a new topic on the forum. I can see how to reply (as I am doing now) but I can’t work out how to start a new topic. Please can somebody advise me?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @Shaffelnook, welcome! Poke around the forum, read a few topics, and soon enough you’ll be able to start your own topic! :slight_smile:

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It has to do with trust levels (TL’s). People start out at TL0, and then get to TL1 and TL2, and sometimes TL3. When you reach TL1 you’ll be able to start a topic yourself. Just poke around and read a little bit as @meiadeleite says and you’ll reach TL1.