Questions about the forum

I don’t think you can yourself, if you really really want to flag it, select “Something else” and ask pretty please to delete it to mods

This is not a good idea, because it would make a lot of work for us if we were now regularly asked by flag to delete PMs. This should really only be done if the PM needs to be deleted urgently - which is probably only very rarely the case.

You can remove yourself from a message by clicking the add /remove button.
If you are the last one in the PM you can’t remove yourself, but you can invite postbot to it and after that you can remove yourself.

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A couple of us have a question –

Why the response rate in Trade/Offer section seems to be so much lower compared to the lottery one?

Speaking about myself – I have the experience of organising both lotteries and giveaways on the forum, and I tend get the feeling that there are more Postcrossers who participate in lotteries than who look at the Trade section regularly.

For example, I can easily gather +50 participants to participate in a lottery but for my most recent giveaway about Furano & Biei postcards, I am having hard time to have every card booked. (I am waiting for every card to be taken to send the postmarking requests to Japan.)

Isn’t it normal? People love free items.
Lottery means free. Trade means transaction.
Yes I know there are some free offers under trade section but the word TRADE makes people reluctant to open the section.

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Saturday, May 18, 2024 - 17:08 (UTC -5)

Hello, All.

If I create a Topic (and it “survives”, that is to say, someone in PC officialdom doesn’t move it willy-nilly wherever they like), I get “credit” for that Topic, right? See Forum Badges for “Good Topic” and “Nice Topic”, for example. But if my Post get dumped into somebody else’s Topic, people who respond to my Post now in the other guy’s Topic end up giving that guy the activity credit, yes? How does this work? If other people look at my now moved Post, is there any tracking at that level? If they respond to it? Curious about how this works because Forum visibility seems to matter a lot in Postcrossing (again, see all the Forum Badges by clicking on your Avatar while in the Forum. Who knew there was so much there?).

I always try to place my new Posts where I think they belong if I can reasonably find where to put them but I think the Forum search function leaves a lot to be desired. When I try to find something related to what I want to Post, I search and then I’ll Post there. But most of the time, I don’t find anything and then - whoosh! - my Topic and Post are gone, buried somewhere, often really not where they should have ended up.

Reminds me a joke you might have heard. You can substitute “church musician” or any other group of intransigents that come to mind :wink:

Q: What’s the difference between a liturgist and a terrorist?
A. You can negotiate with terrorists.

Happy Postcrossing!

I may be very strange (I am often seen as strange indeed :sweat_smile:), when it’s about receiving things, I prefer equal trade over free offering. (But when it’s my turn to give, I like free offering better than the tedious task of figuring out an equal trade :rofl:)

But yeah, my offer / giveaway is almost always free, or when it’s not, comes with a minor condition to satisfy. It’s definitely good for lottery participants to take a look.