Questions about the forum

How can I use the robot for lottery result?

you can just tag postbot and ask it to roll a die with the right amount of sides! So for example if 23 people entered your lottery and you want one winner, you would say:

@postbot roll 1d23

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:game_die: 1

Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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What should I do If I want to choose several person?

you can ask postbot to roll several dice! Feel free to try it out in the Test thread :slight_smile:

If you ever need help with the postbot functions, you can send the bot a private message and say “Help” (I believe?) and it’ll walk you through all its functions!


Can someone help me? I wanted to roll for lottery :person_shrugging:

Please check if there is only one blank space between roll and 1d51 .
It doesn’t work with 2 or more.

Do you have ‘Skip new user onboarding tips and badges’ checked in your Preferences>Interface settings ? If so uncheck that box, and try again.

Thank you, it works now. :hibiscus:

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Can anyone tell me why a username suddenly changed into something like ‘anon#####’ and that user is no longer can be found?
One dear postcrossing friend of mine suddenly disappeared and her name now became something like above. If this has been discussed elsewhere plz link this to that thread.


Thank you so much Yudi :heart:

I was able to edit our official profile. However I couldn’t find a way to update forum profile. Can somebody help me with this?

Go to preferences and choose profile. There you can edit the profile text. Remember to save the changes.

(Preferences you find clicking your avarar on upper right corner and then person icon)

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I found it. Thank you so much.

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thanks mike! My eyes were killing me!

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Hi. I relatively new to this site. I feel like the “postcrossing” part is going well. However, I just got on the forum and am struggling a bit more!

I have requested to join a Round Robin postcard swap and I am supposed to private message the host and give them my address. But when I think I am sending a private message it ends up directly on the forum!

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Tami

Welcome to postcrossing! Here are instructions how to send a PM:

Also, a private message has always an envelope symbol in the title.

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Hi there,
unable to log in to the forum at my cellphone…
Tells me sometging about connecting takes to long…

Exakt message:
"Login Error

Account login timed out, please try logging in again."

Other pages easy available…
And it is since a few days now :frowning:

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: