Questions about the forum

There’s no section just for kids, but many families & kids have official profiles & send & receive cards to everyone on the official site.

Families & kids also do swaps here on the Forum as well. Some schools also have official accounts & do swaps as well. It’s a great hobby for kids. Enjoy!

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Oh thank you so much for your reply​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: how can i find these families sharing and swaping mails ? Shall i make another topic? Thank you so much​:blush::hugs:

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I saw that you opened already a penpal topic.
Good luck for your daughter :four_leaf_clover:!

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Along with your penpal post - you could also make a post just looking for swaps (one exchange of cards generally) with kids or families. Some people don’t want to take on the regular commitment of being a penpal.

Or you could just make the post open to everyone - especially in the beginning, getting any cards can be pretty exciting. You could also look at the existing swap requests & respond to any of those that interest you too. See the link below.

As you can see from those posts, generally people offer up the cards they wish to swap, either by posting images of them or describing them & sometimes ask for particular kinds of cards in return or just cards in general sometimes. People generally respond with a short reply post if interested in swapping & then exchange addresses or card images through private messages. Enjoy!

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Please keep in mind, that your daughter needs to be supervised as long as she is under 13 years old.
The community guidelines rule:
“If you are under 13 years old, you must use the website under the supervision of an adult and with due consent from your parent or legal guardian”


As recent asked in This thread, wondering if it’s possible to control notifications specifically for “likes” to direct messages?

It would be very helpful if there was a button at the top of each forum thread post to scroll all the way to the bottom, and a button at the bottom to return all the way to the top. It takes a very long time to scroll all the way through these posts to get to the bottom and reply to the thread. It is easy on a computer to just click the scroll bar and drag it to the bottom, but this is not an option for mobile browsers.
Thank you

If you use a mobile device, click the reply counter. Then you can jump to the first post or to the last post or scroll faster.

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Thank you!

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The fastest way to scroll the thread on computer:
up into the beginning: on the right side, press “Oct 2020” (the datum of the first post)
into the bottom: press (now) “1 min ago” ( when the last message has been written)

Hello Billie. Thank you for the welcome. Please tell me where to find these “Other Themes”?

Thank you . VJ

You can find all categories here:

They are here:

You should be able to see them when you click on the postcrossing logo on the top of the site.

If I remember correctly you need to have the status member to see the games section, but you are still on status beginner. Browse a bit around, read some topics that you can see, participate a bit in discussionons and you will get the member status soon.

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Hello everyone! I had a question about the flag on my profile - I live in Romania so I have set myself the Romanian flag, however I am from Bulgaria. I assume that we are doing our country of living rather than our birth place country on here, but just wanted to confirm?

In some Tags it’s asked to show the country’flag you are currently living. But outside of Tags it’s up to you.


You could also use the Bulgarian flag as custum status in addition to the Romanian flag.
The flag can be seen to the left of the Romanian flag and you can also see it on your avatar in the upper right corner (see the autumn leaves near “my” german flag)

click to enlarge the images


Thank you Bille!

Thank you Jarana!

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And the more you send, the more you receive. So, if you haven’t already, you can send a couple more postcards whilst you wait :slight_smile:

Hello, if there is an argument/fight/bad interaction between Postcrosser outside of Postcrossing and this forum, is there anything I can do to help?

I kind of witnessed some form of internet bullying (not sure if it’s classified as bullying, more of inappropriate shout out) on Twitter (X) by Postcrosser from my country.

She runs her own community inside the Twitter/X titled Postcrossing, and I was quite shocked of her posting a tweet (post) saying “What did I do?” with a screenshot of another Postcrosser’s profile which shows that person is blocking her. I mean people could block another person from many reasons but I think it is not nice to post that screenshot on open community. I mean what are members supposed to do? Can she just accept the fact that they did not go well (I don’t know the background story though) and just move on? Why hold grudges?

That post is still there after no one reacting to it for 5 hours just made me so sad😔