Question for food box card collectors

How do you store these? How many do you have? I’m curious because I’m going to start making some of these and maybe use the tags about food boxes or eco friendly. Thanks

Hi, I store them with my other unwritten cards in an old shoe box. :slight_smile:
I currently have about 10 different foodbox cards, but I keep most of our old foodboxes and either cut out the pretty parts to be used as postcards or cut them up in rectangles to be used as a cardstock base for handmade cards.

I meant ones you received from others.

I haven’t got any but I sent one once to someone who had that as something they liked.

I used a regular sized postcard to try and get the sizing right and trimmed it to fit.

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I store them with the other postcards I receive. :slight_smile:
I am not a postcard collector with a specific sorting system - I enjoy postcards for what they are, and writing and receiving them. The ones I like best get to sit on my bookshelf for a while, but then they all go unsorted into a big cardboard box.

Sometimes I look specifically for food boxes that will make a nice postcard, like this favorite one :

And this one for a local chocolates company which was designed to look like a GF postcard:

When I’m finished with the food, I carefully cut out a postcard-size piece from the package, and then I store them in the file with my other postcards, ready to go when I draw a profile requesting them.

I don’t keep many on hand (maybe 10), since not many people want them. But everyone who has wanted one has really liked what I sent. :slight_smile:

As for food package cards I’ve received, they are stored or displayed like my normal postcards. I really love seeing food packages from other countries.


I like the GF Seattle. It looks like store bought card :slight_smile:

So far I have sent 1 food box card in official

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