Profiles which you love to get

Which kinds of profiles do you just love?

I like to get German addresses because then I can write in German, too!
And I love funny and creative profiles and when people write stories instead of lists and when you get a feel for the person behind the profile.
I like empty profiles, too, because you are free to send and write whatever!
Also new postcrossers with zero sent and received cards, I want to make a good impression and so I pay extra care when preparing a card for them. :slight_smile:
Sometimes I really like wishlists, especially if they are not too narrow and nicely phrased and especially especially if they have unusual wishes and if I have cards for them! I have a lot of nerd-y postcards so I am always glad to know they are appreciated.
I also like when people have favorites other than the cards they received so that I can better see what kinds of cards they like.
And even though I often don’t send them, I am always happy to see if someone wrote that they like to receive handmade cards.
Or when they say that they don’t care to receive duplicates. I think it is a nice touch :hearts:


I love when profiles have little challenges for us to do in the postcard we are sending, such as:

  • answering a specific question
  • doodling a specific something
  • using the postcard as a to-do list - and then send it to them
  • Tell me your bird poop horror story

Etc, etc.

I used to have few of those myself in the past and I intend to get back to it because I always get excited when getting a profile like this! :smile:


I like those profiles best, where I have the perfect card to send to! :smile:

As I like to match the users wishes, I often agonize over what to send and with some profiles I just have no idea, as to what to send.

Some people write really heart warming words and I’d immediately like to become penfriends with them! Or they like exactly the same cards I love! I find that just super!


My favourites are people who I have something in common with - translators, immigrants, mothers, knitters, people who read. I like it when people ask for an opinion or an anecdote. I also like it when I coincidentally have a card that fulfils a very specific wish. Stamp collectors are also great, I’ve got loads of lovely stamps that I look forward to using.


I’m especially fond of this too!


People who tell you about their passion and why they love it so much! I love reading why you chose to be an alpaca-breeder in the Andean wetlands! Or why you always dreamed to be an architect! Or why being a stay-at-home-dad is the greatest thing that ever happened to you! :slight_smile: People who tell something about themselves are my favorites to write to.

Also, I like wishlists with crazy wishes - especially when I have a crazy card that has been waiting just for them. :blush:


This is a great topic! :partying_face:

I love profiles which feel more human, and I actually enjoy reading and finding out a little more about the person I’m sending a postcard to.

Of course, it’s nice if I can find a common topic to talk about, e.g. our love for K-pop, a favourite film series, social work…

I love profiles where the Postcrosser states that he/she collects stamps, and I’ll choose stamps that are more unique (i.e. not the definitives).

I also love when the Postcrosser presents a challenge or question prompts, like @alter3ch0 said. I have come across profiles asking me to draw something, and even though I really suck at drawing, I will take up the challenge. So far, I have doodled a portrait of myself and a plant. I also came across a profile that stated she liked puns, so I chose a punny card for her, and I wrote a message full of puns for her too.

Given the number of postcards we send, I think it’s nice to have fun profiles every now and then. :laughing:


I love it when they haven’t recieved anything from my country, its exciting to tell them about a place they may not know of and be the first :grin:


I like these profiles too! I’ve had a good laugh at many of them - especially the doodle ones. I have absolutely NO artistic ability, but I try anyway. I’ve come across some that want to know your favorite band, so they can expand their listening circle. Or asking about the last book you read, would you recommend it, and why/why not.


Same - I’ve doodled a dog and the view from out my window. :slight_smile:

  • Lists
  • Links
  • Specific requests and General ones
  • Humor
  • A small introduction, not a story
  • I prefer the intros be on the card itself

I really love a Profile where the person is not too choosy about cards and describes what type of person he/she is and states his/her wishlist. I always try to cater to that list and find a suitable Postcard for them.
I also love to send postcards to rare countries and almost new users.


things like this just makes me nervous. when i see something like that i suddenly have nothing to tell. also if they ask for favourite books or bands or whatever i feel like i need to say something cool and me liking romantic comedies and one direction is not something people actually want to know. but that might just be my own overthinking. probably.

i like it most when people like a bit of the same as i do, so i can find the perfect card and decorate it and have something to say without it feeling forced.


Interesting to know this perspective. Does this happens always or only with some profiles?

I ask because one of the reasons I’m in the middle of some on-going profile editing + inactive is to find the right way to give people options and challenges if they want to, but not to make them feel pressured to do it if they don’t feel like it.

Just like many people have their postcard preferences, I have mine: the message. So of course there are things I would rather read, but I don’t want to come across demanding or whatever, so that’s why I keep wondering how to best reach people without triggering any kind of anxiety. Not easy. :sweat_smile:

I don’t think giving people suggestions on what to write makes the message feel forced. :thinking:
I can ramble as much as I can, but sometimes it feels nice to talk about a topic I haven’t thought of just like… poop bird horror stories like a profile I got yesterday! :smile:

I understand not everyone might feel the same, though. That’s why I was wondering if it happens all the time or depending on the tone used by the person on their profile? :thinking:


Those are fun. We can feel like real ambassadors. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I enjoy it when I’m able to match a person’s wishes, but at the same time also really like it whenever a person doesn’t really state any preferences and instead I sort of have to deduce what would be the perfect postcard for them you know?

I also really like it when someone asks me to send them a postcard that’s one of my personal favorites, which makes me happy because I love that certain card so much and I then know it will go to someone who will appreciate it just like I do.

I’m always happy when someone motivates me to draw on a card by stating a wish for it, I love drawing on my postcards :slight_smile:

It’s also sort of nice when someone states that they only speak German or French for example (I’ve had a couple of profiles where English was not listed as a language they knew) and I enjoy the challenge of trying to write to them in that language, even if I’m not that proficient at it.

Of course, it is also a pleasant surprise when someone speaks my native language but oh well ^-^
One time I’d already half written the postcard and only then discovered that the person had Dutch listed as one of the languages he knew :sweat_smile:

Lastly, it’s just a joy to read longer profiles and to actually be able to connect a bit more with that person when writing a postcard to them.


I am starting to feel like I just like strangers, because I tried to think what kind of profiles I like specially, but all I am coming up with is just “if it has good vibes, I like it” :sweat_smile:

So yes, so long the profile is kind and nice, I will like it. Although, I find the creative profiles with some twist really interesting and impressing! Sometimes it depends a lot about mood too. Some days I will more like I want to have freehands so then shorter profile works better and sometimes I am out of ideas so then it helps if profile has writing prompts or more wishes.


no definitely not. i think that is just my brain. when you tell me to write about a specific thing it’s very hard to come up with something. if you write on your profile that you like otters i will tell you how they hold hands so they don’t drift apart from each other (it’s adorable you should google it). or when you like disney i will tell you all the reasons why i love pocahontas. but if you say “tell me about the best day of your life” i suddenly can’t think of anything that happened the last 27 years.
it’s when you make me think of something i can’t think of anything. it’s me. it’s not demanding at all (well depends on how you phrase it of course but in general not at all). and it’s a great idea for people who may not know what to write. i even have some writing ideas on my own profile, just to tell people they can tell me anything and i will love it better than just happy postcrossing.

so what i’m trying to say is. it’s me. not you.


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: understood. Still, I’ll keep thinking about how to make it challenging but friendly.
Thank you! :smile:

Profiles I love to get:

  • profile of members from countries I have ever visited so I can talk about my experience in their countries
  • profile who stated that they ever visited my country so I can ask their experience in my country
  • profile with same hobbies and interest
  • profile with wishes I am able to match
  • profile who collects free items (tickets, coin, magazine clipping, etc). I love to send them in envelope :smile: