✅ Private Messages: All recieved & sent on the 21th day of the month?

When I wanted to update a swap list today, I realized that there’s something wrong with the mailbox dating. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When I open my messages and look at the inbox or sent list, all messages of the previous months have the same date - the 21st of the month. December 21, November 21, October 21… Which isn’t right, these aren’t my special message days. :wink:

When I open the messages, the dates shown are the same - only the 21st of the month.

What happened here?

It may sound stupid, but is this the year?
Or does it also show the 21st if you hover over the date?


It’s 2021. It seems there’s a setting to no longer show the dates in mm/dd format, but in mm/yy after a new year starts. It’s very annoying for RR threads, too…


This is the solution - a closer look shows “Dec '21”.
Then it seems to be an issue with the mobile version of the forum. I’m using my smartphone, so I can’t use the mouse’s “hovering” function…

That’s annoying indeed! So it’s impossible to see on which day in the previous year I got a message? In three months it won’t bother me, but, with the new year just begun, and some things to follow up, it’s not nice…

There isn’t a setting showing all dates, mm/dd/yy?

I guess if you click you’ll see the full date, but I agree it’s a bit annoying have to do that for all… I remember this already was discussed here, don’t remember the solution :see_no_evil:

Found it! (There wasn’t a solution actually…)

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When you click the date you can see it in full length :slightly_smiling_face:
Like this:


Ah, I see. That’s a possibility to see the date of a message. Thanks for the hint! :slight_smile:

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Ha! I was thinking, “Hmm, I’m sure I saw this last year too”, and then you have linked to me raising the same issue last year.

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For me it works if you hover, too - although you need to be on a PC I guess

in an individual message:

and in inbox view:

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From what I see, the difference is in the tiny apostrophe:

Oct 21

This is October 21st

Oct '21

This is October 2021.

It’s easy to see how it can be confusing until one notices the small difference. Clicking on the date (or hovering it, when possible) should give the full date though.

The places where this short MMM 'YY form is being used is precisely made to be a tiny date format for places where space is limited.

Still, lets give this a try to see if we can get something more intuitive without breaking any layout. I have updated the tiny date format to be MMM YYYY format instead. This is only to remove the ambiguity between the two interpretations above — it is not for adding the day too as that will make it even longer than it is expected to be.

This format is likely to be used in more places than the private messages though, so please report if you spot something odd coming from this change. Thanks!