Dates don't display the day

This is probably not a bug, but I’m not sure where else to put this.

The dates displayed on the forum only list the month and year. It definitely used to show the day and I think this changed on 1 January, which is when the year started to be relevant to dates in this particular forum.

In the list of topics:

And within a topic:

In messages:

I have my screen maximised, and there is plenty of blank space down each side of the screen, so I don’t think this is an issue with fields adjusting to the screen size.

Seeing the dates is really helpful - there’s a big difference in age between something from 31 Dec and 1 Dec. And it is especially helpful in messages.

Is this something that can be changed?


I suspect this is a “feature” of the Discourse forum software. What you can do is actually hover your mouse over the date and a more detailed date will pop up like so:

I’m using Safari on a Mac, though, so I don’t know if this shows up on other browsers or operating systems.


I definitely noticed this too and am really not a fan of this format. Of course, it is really nice to have the date and time displayed instead of only month and year, which is not ideal. Hovering doesn’t really work if you’re trying to review an entire thread full of posts, as you’d have to do that for each post.


It does show up in this way (Chrome on a PC), but that’s not that helpful if you are trying to skim over a bunch of dates to find the right one (eg. looking in your inbox when you know the date something was sent).


As you wrote, it’s not a bug.
I moved it to “Suggestions”.

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In Google Chrome, Windows, the full date shows up if I hover the mouse over the time indication (Dec’ 20, 35m etc).