✅ Frequent Posters Count (Never a “2” Bubble)

Not sure if this a bug or just a specific mechanic/feature I wish worked differently…

I like the summary box that is added to the original post in the thread. Great statistics and ability to see at a glance the avatar icons of who has replied.

For the “Frequent Posters” section however, I notice that the little number count bubble that is overlaid for each user that has made a post, never seems to reports “2.” Like the code for creating the little bubble with a total count only triggers after it is >2 instead of >1 (but not sure how this feature works).

I have seen this behavior in any thread where people that have replied or posted exactly 2 times, don’t have a corresponding bubble that shows the number 2).

Example thread

So if anyone posts once, their avatar appears in this list. But if they post again (twice), nothing changes. It isn’t until someone’s third post, they get the little count bubble with a “3.”

Maybe not a huge deal, but in my use case I’d like to check for anyone that has posted twice in my lottery. It would be nice to see at a glance if anyone has posted a second time before running a postbot dice roll (as if someone had more than one post, it obviously wouldn’t be perfectly fair when selecting a post number randomly). So the only way to see if someone has posted exactly two replies would be trying to identify them myself manually, by eyeball :eyes:

Or maybe there is another way to see total number of replies per user that I am unaware of? Thanks!


My guess is they don’t think two posts qualifies as frequent.

Yes, but even with your single reply to this very thread, you are listed as a “Frequent Poster” :wink:

Ah, interesting! Not sure if it is intended.

I have reported it to Discourse — lets see what they say about it.


A quick update just to say that they agree this is not intended and they will work on a fix. :+1:


Another quick update: they have already made a fix and we’ll get it when we update our Discourse installation to a newer version.


We have just updated to latest Discourse version, so this should now be fixed. :+1:


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