Postcrossing is fun isn‘t it?
But still. What do you think about people’s bios which have a huge list of things they don’t like to receive or like.


It’s quite simple. Avoid sending them things they don’t like. Not that complicated…


It makes me a little sad. I joined postcrossing to connect with people from other Countries. When I get a profile that just lists what they want or not want, I think they are just here for collecting postcards. That part surprised me in the beginning. Now I just move on, send them a postcard and hope the next profile has an interest in learning something about me or the place I live. :mailbox_closed:


GJG, I’m by your side. The other day I had a profile that listed in detail which artist (painter) that the peraons would like to have postcard pictures from. I didn’t even know them. Should I run out now and buy these postcards? No. My “warehouse” is well stocked. So I find something which is near the wish – or about my city or my country. And send it off. But whatbothers me too - if someone rejects handmade cards… Certainly what a beautiful card is - that is decided by the eye. But aren’t we all here at postcrossing to get such surprises?

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Yes, part of postcrossing is making a short connection with someone elsewhere.

But it is also about sending postcards. If the postcard was unimportant, we could send emails, or letters.

It shouldn’t be only about ‘collecting’, but people have preferences, both in the pictures they like to receive, and the topic they like to hear about. Knowing about that helps make that connection more meaningful.

This of course does not apply to the overly rigid wishlist-only profiles, but in my experience that is very few of them.


The thing is though, that people see postcrossing differently. Some to collect postcards, some to connect with others and some are a mixture of both. Personally for me, it’s mainly about connecting with others. But that’s not to say that people can be as demanding as they please, but that’s a whole other topic


Totally agree!
Everyone can decide how they decide to participate.
My point was just that some people are hyper demanding which isn’t always a good Thing in postcrossing

That’s how I feel.
The reason why I brought up this topic because I have seen it myself and my mom recently had to deal with it. It’s not a that big of a deal for us.
But still It makes Postcrossing complicated
I myself send the cards I think match the people the best.
I want to surprise people. It worked quite well for now

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Handmade cards should be accepted.
I still understand that maybe it doesn’t fit somebody’s collection.
The best thing would be to express that differently than just saying that crafted cards aren’t welcome here

Indeed, I find it tough. Guess they should concentrate on likes, rather than dislikes.

Idk it’s just that crafting isn’t valuable here

Like @yudi pointed out, we already have enough topics about this theme on the forum… so I’m closing this one here. Feel free to continue the conversation on one of the other topics.