Have picky people not registered your postcard?

A few people have told me that they’ve got assigned to very picky users and since one of the rules in postcrossing is “”do not demand”” so they send whatever postcard they want ignoring the person’s demands…and after mailing off postcards to them… weeks later, it never gets registered. One person even messaged the user to ask them if they ever received their postcard and the user responded to them that they did get it but it wasn’t what they wanted so they refuse to register it. Has anything similar happened to anyone?.


Nope it did not happen to me but I have 4 postcards that went overtime

No, never had that problem, but if I did, I’d report because it’s against the rules.


Refusing to register a card because they “didn’t like it” is horrible. I wonder how many times they have done that? Why would someone act like that?


Never happened. There was one case where a user sent me something on spite; the subject was in my dislikes. The message was also a dig at me. I politely pushed back that instead of pulling this stunt they worry about the religious persecution their country engages in towards my religious group. They threatened to report me for “discrimination.” I said “be my guest” and while you are at it, tell the admins I registered your “card.” Another snowflake who I hope has left by the time you read this.


This has never, ever come up in the days of the old forum. I never thought this would be possible.
I have sent to people that seemed extremely picky and I truly did not enjoy sending to them… and once they registered my card they were actually super nice!

I had gazillions of cards that got unregistered and dropped off the system. All of them were either clearly lost during their travels, or to members that were no longer interested and never logged in again.

Perhaps it has happened once or twice that someone didn’t register out of spite or even sent a rude message about it, but I don’t think it’s as common as all the newbies think it is. It probably happened once, someone told the story, and now everybody believes that it happens regularly as I see it mentioned all the time since we have the new forum…


Unfortunately, I encountered a FB discussion when people were talking about a flimsy postcard that one got and a few people said they would not register it. I was shocked by this reaction, it’s not the way to go about it


They can still report this to the Postcrossing team, maybe give the messages as proof.

Otherwise, I can’t know if it’s happened to me, and neither can the ones who sent to “picky” postcrossers.

Weeks of travel time is nothing to make assumptions about. This actually, perhaps?, tells more about these “few people” and their attitude, than the picky users :no_mouth: do these few not register cards they don’t like, or how did they think this happens to all of them? How many are you talking about? Did they all come up to this conclusion alone, or together? As, how is it that they can even come up thinking someones don’t register the cards. Why wouldn’t they? I think it would be noticed soon, and their accounts closed.

And what is a very picky user? The one who has one wish, or the one with a long wish list? (Sometimes I’ve read people thinking postcrossers with long wishlist are picky, when they actually are happy with many themes.) Maybe they’d like to come here writing themselves, and for example tell how many these are, how many weeks it’s been? And they could read it’s very normal.
Are they new, and not aware of (international) travel times?

This again, if it’s just any flimsy paper piece, I would contact postcrossing team and let them decide.
Maybe they in the FB discussion were trying to say “I would not register, but contact the Postcrossing team for help”. (I write this because sometimes I’ve written about not registering a photo, or a letter, before contacting postcrossing team if I should register it. And some people read only the beginning of the sentence, get upset, and think I don’t register postcards.)

Of course it can have happened, but I tend to believe the card is lost, they forgot to register it, or simply stopped postcrossing or had something more important suddenly.


That would be how I’d proceed. It was not the case, the person said he didn’t register because he didn’t considered to be a postcard

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But, how can you know he did not contact the Postcrossing team, and they too told not to register that?

I think there’s no point bringing these kind of parts of discussion from elsewhere here, because we don’t know how it is in reality. Like the above, first you said a few told they would not register it (I thought it was opinions, or guidance), and then you write, the person said he didn’t register it. And we don’t know if there’s more? Did someone say he should register it? For example, you?

I believe, if they are with their real name in FB, why not report them to Postcrossing, if it seems they don’t register cards? Certainly it would be more useful, than writing part of the conversation here. Of course I don’t know if you or someone already did.


That’s awful! :frowning: I never message members because of expired cards, as they belong to Postcrossing’s “circle of life”, so I don’t know for which reasons the cards never have been registered.

When I was new to Postcrossing, I once got a profile of someone writing that he wouldn’t register cards that he didn’t like. That made me think hard about my choice of card, but reporting this didn’t come to my mind. Today I would report it.

Registering a received card is our duty as Postcrossing members. It’s not up to us to decide if a card violates the rules, we can (and have to) ask the admins about it.

As “picky users” were mentioned - what does “picky” mean?

And concerning long traveling cards: There are many reasons why a card needs several weeks to arrive. Mail is still slower than before the pandemic, there are users who don’t register their cards daily, cards get lost, are put in a neighbor’s mailbox, or mysteriously linger somewhere in the postal universe before traveling on… :thinking: It doesn’t have to be the receiver’s decision / fault.


I’m sorry I didn’t phrase it more precisely. I only wanted to illustrate that there are people who decide to not register a postcard for whatever reason


Hmmm, I encountered discussions about not registering the cards you don’t like… It’s horrible in my opinion. But I would not assume all ‘picky’ users (whatever that means, it’s subjective, maybe I’m picky too for someone) are like that

I never message users to whom my cards expired, postal services are not ideal, so I don’t know the reason. Considering recently one of my swap cards receiver found by crazy chance in a ditch near their house, stuff happens :sweat_smile::grin:

If I see a profile where user states they don’t register some arrived cards for any reason, I report the profile. If I’d ask for whether my card arrived and got mentioned reply, I’d report too with screenshot of reply.

Also even though I think that breaking of only real rule (not a guidline) of postcrossing: you get card, you register it - should be frown upon (also when users register not-received cards), but discussions about it and similar occurrences over and over feel like one drop of tar getting 99% of our attention over a barrel of honey (which postcrossing experience is 99% of times)

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I’ve sadly seen very similar discussions several times on Facebook Postcrossing groups too - they’re kind of a whole other world outside of here.

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Yes, I was mainly commenting about this because these all are hear say, or not direct information, there’s most likely something missing and greater chance for miss understanding. Also, it can be, there is only one/few who don’t register cards, and we/you are talking about the same person/s, which makes it seem this problem is bigger than it is. (Similar has already happened when writing about a rude (?) postcrossers, and within few messages it turned out, it had been the same person for many of us. So there were no great part of rude postcrossers, but the one, with at least two profiles.)

When you think this, when/if there is someone who doesn’t register cards they don’t like, it turns bad to them. The postcrossing keeps an eye of travelling postcards, and if there’s someone who doesn’t receive the cards, it can’t continue forever. If you receive a floppy part of a poster, I agree, it’s not a postcard, should not deserve to be registered, but when I contact the Postcrossing team, they see it has reached me, the sender sends non postcard items, and that nothing is wrong with my end of address.

But, if no one tells them they should contact the Postcrossing team, or that they should register all proper postcards, and only follow the conversation, they are part of the problem, kind of. Like in school bullying. If you know about it, report it. But, maybe you already do this, just don’t tell it here, and just what I meant how small fragments of conversation and situations often only makes situation seem worse than it is.

The good thing: if they continue with not registering, they will be suspended, I think. Or, if they get many cards they don’t like, they probably end with this hobby themselves, which is good.

Or, it can be, they are only lying, in seek of attention. :smile:


I never had that, but this would be a reason to report the person with a quote of their reply, for this is clearly against the rules.
But I once had a profile requesting to write very small and neatly to get much text on the card. I did. No hurray-message. Weeks later I asked if my card has arrived - it was within Germany. No reply. That is very disappointing!

It has. Pickyness has always been a topic in the forum. Maybe you have not seen it, but it has always been there. And the number of picky and unfriendly people seems to rise!

That is wrong! They decided to not register something that they do not regard as a postcard and it is not on you to decide if it is one.

I think this is very rude. Someone has made the effort to post to you, surely only polite to acknowledge that it has been received, even if the card is not to your taste.
I haven’t been a member long but I do try to send pleasing postcards. But I had to go online to purchase postcards to buy as I have found that shops don’t have anything. Perhaps that’s the problem. I’m in Australia so we’re not a developing country, so you’d think postcards would be easy to find but the problem is that fewer people are snail mailing anymore so you have to go online or create diy stuff.
I think we have to be thoughtful and consider that issues above could have something to do with it.
I received an email from a person who told me that a stamp from his country to Australia was over $10! I told them that that was far too high postage cost and suggested that they try to find a correspondent closer to them.


She seems to have taken a break between 2017 and 2021. Everyone does Postcrossing in their own pace. :slight_smile:

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