✅ Postcrossing emoji missing on user cards / profiles (and other icons / emojis missing)

In the German community we stumbled across an inconsistency regarding the :postcrossing: icon (which leads to the main profiles) shown on user cards and forum profiles.

It’s just missing on some browsers and / or colour schemes, but results vary from user to user.

For me it’s only working in Firefox if I use the dark scheme:

Edge = missing
Firefox + dark profile = working (edit: no longer working as of 2PM on May 3)
Firefox + light profile = missing
Chrome = missing


Firefox 125.0.3 (64-Bit)
Chrome 124.0.6367.119 (64-Bit)
Edge 124.0.2478.67 (64-Bit)


Safari = working light profile
Chrome = working light profile


Safari 17.4.1 (19618.
Chrome APP-Version 124.0.6367.82


edge = missing
Firefox light + dark profile = working
Chrome = missing


FF 125.0.3 (64-Bit)
Chrome 124.0.6367.119 (64-Bit)
Edge 124.0.2478.67 (64-Bit)

Edit: some minutes later:
FF dark mode: missing
FF light mode : working

Very old laptop (Windows 7):
Chrome + light mode = working

:green_heart: :fox_face:

missing in light mode and dark mode at my ipad
missing in chrome version 124.0.6367.88
missing in safari version : 17.4.1
missing in FF version 125.3

I can confirm this (124.0.2478.67 (64-Bit) for both dark mode and light mode:

While with Chrome (124.0.6367.119 (64-Bit) everything works perfect in both color modes.

Windows 11 (newest version), desktop pc.

I don’t use any other browser.

No problem with Chrome on MIUI 13 (similar to Android 12), Android 11 tablet or on my laptop (Win 11, also newest version both of Windows and Chrome).

The entire red block P is missing when I click on someone’s avatar.


And I just read other posts mentioning (other) missing icons / emojis etc. I think it might be related to the missing :postcrossing: icon.

Missing flag indicators on the form

Missing Badges on main site

:uk::us: I’m missing the Supporter and WPD Badge Icons [on main profile]

Missing flag emojis

:uk::us: For the whole day I’ve been seeing these question marks instead of text or icons. Anyone else?


Just a short update:

FF: working in both modes
Chrome: missing in both modes
Edge: missing in both modes

I saw yesterday one of these post of isagv and eveyrthing was correct in FF dark mode.
I tested it not with other browers and also not in FF light mode.

I saw all my badges.

That shouldn’t be a bug as there was a plugin change some weeks ago and because of that the English, Welsh and Scotish flags are disappeared.

But: I can’t see these flags in FF, but see them in Chrome and Edge


No problems on my mobile (Android 13, Chrome) in dark mode.

On the currently used computer (Windows 10, Edge Version 124.0.2478.67 or Firefox 123.0.1) in dark mode, the Postcrossing icons are missing.

The red block P is missing for me - I can’t access anyone’s profile.


My Android tablet doesn’t show the icon to go from the forum to my user profile either. I’m not system savvy, this is a problem for me :worried:
And also icons, flags are not displayed.

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I can see the PC icon, but can’t see normally many other. Android, Google Chrome.

I’m also missing the profile-“P”. Tried with

Desktop PC
Firefox 115.10.0esr
Brave 1.47.186

Handy Android 14
Chrome 124.0.6367.113

Tablet Android 13
Firefox 119.0.1
Chrome 124.0.6367.83
Edge 124.0.2478.62
Opera 82.1.4342.79456

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Can we get some confirmation that someone is looking into this? So much of the forum is based on card likes/dislikes, and we buy cards looking to make someone’s day with just the right postcard. Without the ability to see profiles, this is nearly impossible. Someone probably IS working on it, just wanting to know for sure. Thank you for all you do!

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You could still see them, you’d just have to put their name into the search function under the Explore Tab on the main site which is some work unfortunately compared to just using the P icon. Hopefully Admin can get this sorted.


Oh my goodness! Thank you! I didn’t know that you could search for users on the main site! I just went over there and dug around and found it. You’ve made my day - thank you!


Update today for the big “P”:

Safari = missing too!!!
Chrome = APP-version is working


Safari 17.4.1 (19618.
Chrome APP-Version 124.0.6367.82

2 days ago


The red P is missing here too for both chrome and safari on light and dark mode

Last week I had the red P with mozilla and chrome. At the moment I didn’t check more here.

My PC is windows 10