Forum flag has disappeared 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

My Welsh :wales: forum flag has disappeared. When I tried to reinstate it, I could no longer find the Welsh flag as an option.
Can anyone suggest a solution?


I’m very sorry to tell you that from my understanding the Welsh flag/Y Ddraig Goch is no longer available here due to some recent plugin alterations. :cry:

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Any idea why?

Edited to add…@maleko . other users in GB section can still see my :wales:flag - but I can not see mine, or the flags of England or Scotland . I can see the Union flag.
If the flags have disappeared due to a plugin change, I don’t understand why others can still see them.

also the postcrossing sign for going to the official profile has disappeared…
(the red sign when you click on a username…)


I can’t see your flag :frowning: it’s just a question mark

I’m not sure why some others can still see your Welsh flag. I cannot; as @jtan says, I can only see a question mark.

I can see the red Postcrossing sign and follow it to the main site profile - for me and for you.

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There’s a thread talking about some of the missing icons, flags, postcrossing symbol, and others.

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I still see the sign that goes to your official profile

Unfortunately, I don’t know what is happening with the :postcrossing: sign/link and any other icons/emojis, but I do know that the unavailability of the Welsh flag is due to the plugin alterations that occurred some weeks ago, predating the other problems that are only being reported now.

I have not been able to see the Welsh & Scottish flags of my fellow British Isles members since March 22nd, I mentioned it at the time on the forum but it seemed to only be effecting me x


That’s right , but nevertheless I can’t see them only in Firefox - in Chrome and Edge I see all 3 flags as before.

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I normally use just mobile phone (Samsung Internet, Chrome) and while I had noticed the missing flags (which I had assumed was a glitch), I can see badges and Postcrossing link. But just used my laptop (Windows 10, Edge) and Postcrossing icon on people’s usercards is definitely missing.

I moved this topic to Bugs so Paulo can have a look why the flags are visible or not visible in different browsers.

Thanks @Bille. I thought it was a ‘me’ problem, so asked for help, but it seems to have merged into the browser/platform bug issue.

Visible in Personal Computers but not in muy mobile phone.

It’s too cool of a flag for this to happen!

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Apologies for only replying now as it’s been a little extra hectic lately.

Some of the flags on the forum have been removed some weeks ago: they were not intended to be available/selectable, but the reason why requires some context.

The forum flags are a not native feature of this forum. But because we also had them on the old forum, when we moved to Discourse we found a 3rd-party plugin that does something similar which is what we have been using. Unfortunately, that plugin is not maintained anymore and is a bit quirky as it was designed for a particular forum where the plugin author needed some specific flags which probably made sense for his forum, but not necessarily others.

For instance, the plugin came with mixed country flags (US-GB, US-AT, DE-AT, etc) and other extra flags (e.g. Brittany). Importantly, several of those custom flags didn’t follow the 2-letter ISO codes which Postcrossing’s uses for Postcard IDs, URLs of pages, etc. I also fear that as the plugin is no longer being updated, on the long run it may actually become incompatible with future versions of Discourse and there are already some flags in the plugin that are outdated.

Ideally, we would like the forum to simply use the main website flags (automatically), but I simply don’t have the bandwidth to code that up at the moment. However, updating the plugin to drop the extra flags that don’t follow the 2-letter codes is somewhat straightforward, which is why some of the flags have been dropped to be closer to what Postcrossing’s uses.

I understand that those were using the flags that were removed are now missing them and in retrospect I should have written about this earlier. I see also that those that had selected one of the removed flags were showing a broken image which I have now fixed. Some seem to be using the status feature to display custom flags which is a neat workaround. I hope in the future the flags will simply follow Postcrossing’s account automatically (like username, country, email, etc) as to minimize these issues.


Thank you for your detailed explanation @paulo.

I admit to still being a little confused as to why the additional flags, such as Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿, needed to be removed, when the concern is that the plugin would sometime stop working. Were the additional flags making the plugin more unstable?

Also why some flags that do not conform to the Postcrossing 2 letter codes, such as the EU flag :eu:and I think UN :united_nations: , have been retained but others have not.

I’m happy to fly Y Ddraig Goch from my forum status, however.

I don’t understand why my Scotland flag has gone but I still can see the Welsh flag. We’re both UK but I don’t get mine? Haven’t noticed if England is still there… So, my flag is gone gone, or just temp gone?

EDIT : Okay, so I figured out how to get the tiny Scottish flag to go next to my name. Tiny is better than invisible, I suppose. Bigger would be better though, like everyone else’s flag :confused: :frowning: