Postcrossing coincidences: What are the odds?

There’s a Postcrossing user I follow on instagram. There’s hasn’t been much interaction between the two of our accounts there.

One day, she posted some pictures of a meetup she attended. I didn’t think much about it, until I received a postcard from that exact meetup, from that specific Postcrossing user, with a postcard ID (which means she somehow randomly selected my address out of the thousands of Postcrossing users out there)


Yes, I had three cards in my mailbox on the same day with the numbers
DE-12516491, DE-12516492, DE-12516493


I just drew four addresses, two of these people share the same address and surname, their usernames look like they’re brothers born in '77 and '75. Will definitely think about some special matching cards for them!


Two Finnish postcards today, 6 numbers apart, but sent with the same stamp series. Yay! :blush:


Today I received my first ever official postcard, and when I look at the name and the country, I almost can’t believe it! The sender has the same name and country with the first ever official address I draw last september.


I know your post is a few weeks old and I hate to break this to you, but this is the way it works for a lot of people. Unless you are in a country with a lot of active postcrossers (you are not), your address will be drawn a gazillion times in a day. That is the only way it happens for me. That means you will receive more than you send, so for a while your address won’t be drawn until your sent are more than the received, and so on and on. You can read all about it here:

It has nothing do with how many you can send.


This may be the greatest coincidence of all.


Last week I recieved 2 identisk cards from two different postcrossers on the same day! Considering all the millions of different cards out there, I thought that was a rather fantastic coincidence :blush:


Oops :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I got TWO postcards from outside of Charlotte, NC, USA, today! Both were written on the same day, too! Even cooler, the first user’s username is very similar to the second user’s IRL name!


My colleague introdused me to postcrossing in 2021. And in 2022 i Come up to another colleague, who worked in The same office as we do and she sent a card to a man to whom i was supposed to send a card.
Small small world - i love it!!


Today I received two cards from Taiwan, one TW-3443665 and the other TW- 3443666. What a coincidence isn’t it ?

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I received 4 cards today. All had been travelling the same time - 6 days.

Not only that but i received DE-12589563, DE-12589564 AND DE-12589565.


Over the past week I’ve received almost a sweep of nine consecutive card IDs! 6 of them arrived together last Friday and a few others trickled in this past week:

I was so curious if *735 was on its way, too, but I see it was registered by another user.

So wild!


The other day I received three cards sent from the same meet up:


For the “Cat Tag” thread, I sent a card to a Postcrosser in Germany—then received the exact same one from a Postcrosser in Canada who tagged me!


Yesterday I received this card twice, both sent from Germany.
Now I have this card 4, all received from official postcrossing.

I deleted Bob Dylan as wishlist. I don’t want to receive the same card anymore :smile:


That is an exceptional occurrence!

at the christmas meetup in my town we were 18 and 3 of us picked up the same address; we found out because it was an unusual country, mexico, so we talked about; if it was a common country we would have probably never found out :rofl: so i sent the meetup postcard, the second sender sent a postcard from an old meetup and the third sent something different


I actually just received a fourth card!