Postcrossing coincidences: What are the odds?

I shared this postcrossing coincidence with my family and received polite nods. So happy to share it with other postcrosseers.

A few weeks ago I received 2 postcards on the same day. One from Belarus and the other from China. In my profile I have a few writing prompts, including ‘your favourite quote’. Both postcards had a quote from Dumbledore!!! I love Harry Potter, but I don’t mention it in my profile.

What are the chances?? It made my week.


Two friends of mine, also postcrossers, went on vacation to Bali. They are from Belgium and I’m from the Netherlands. We met several times in real life. Of course they sent me cards from Bali, but - surprise - one of them was an official !! Imagine; you’re on vacation, you’ve set your profile in travel mode, you draw an address and… you get one of a someone you know in person !


A year ago I received a postcard from Ireland showing The Wild Atlantic Way. Today I was giving a class and one of the pictures in the textbook looked familiar… You guessed it - it was the same scene


The day before yours, on 13th January, I was sent all these from Germany, also with many consecutive numbers:


My partner and I recently pulled addresses on the same night, and were both matched with the same user in Latvia!


Actually, I also received these consecutive numbers from the Netherlands, sent on the same day, and 3 also from the USA:


Yes, that’s happened to my husband and me too

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Two coincidences in my mail today:

First, I received two cards in a row where people told me about their cats named Chloe.

Second, I received a card from someone who has the same birthday as me, and it arrived today, on our birthday!


Happy birthday @helent

Regarding birthday and Australia, today I got an address of Australian user who asks for a birthday card for his mom who is 100 years old this year. What a coincidence :smiley:


I have just written a card to someone with the same birthday as me.
(would be worried if it would take so long though)


Not sure how much of a coincidence these are, but I thought I’d still share

3 consecutive numbers

Consecutive numbers and 3 consecutive cards that were just 4 cards apart

2 sets of consecutive cards sent 2 weeks apart

2 sets of consecutive cards sent 1 day apart

3 consecutive cards and 1 card just 10 cards apart happening in 1 day


I received TW-3463425, TW-3463426, TW-3463427, TW-3463428 and TW-3463429!


So many 9s! :smile:


Today, I have received two cards from a different city/country than the respective sender lives in (mismatch of country and ID, something I am okay with) - and I have been to both places myself already :wink:

(Place in EE from DE; place in IT from LV)

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Hi all! :slight_smile:

Strange thing happened to me, I suppose…

Recently I decide to take part in Weekly RR for a first time.

After I was added to group and was given ad adresses of participants I had noticed that one person in group is the same person to whom I sent postcard 3 weeks ago! His name was drawing by algorythm of PC.

I think it’s very funny although a little strange :slight_smile:

As said one personage in Mordor:
That’s a coincidence? I don’t think so!
Совпадение? Не думаю!

Have you guys had similar cases? :slight_smile:


Earlier this week I received this card:

The next day, I received this one:

I didn’t realize until showing it to someone later that it actually had the picture of the first card on it! :smiley:


Today I have two things to write. One is an official postcard to someone whose username is an obscure prime minister (not a UK prime minister) that I had never even heard of. The second is to someone who won a lottery I ran on the forum. The street she lives on is named after this exact same prime minister! The two people live in completely different countries, France and Russia. I couldn’t believe it. I had to double check. What a strangely connected world we live in.


I received two cards from Belarus from different Postcrossers. Both cards were from the same series of mushroom Pictures, an the ID were very similar:

2984001 and 2984005. I Loved both cards very much. :heart:


some weeks ago the day before a meetup i drew 15 consecutive ids and no one of them was to russia.
though i switched off the repeated countries option and italy can send to russia normally i found it strange because i often send officially to russia anyway


Today I received 3 postcards from Taiwan with very similar numbers.
All written by 15-year-old students, I think they drew my address during one class. On each card, the same stamp, the text is formulated in a similar way but written by different people :slight_smile:
I take it very positively :slight_smile: