Postal monitor needs to be updated


As an FYI, I was about to send a card to New Zealand tonight. Unfortunately, when I collected my mail yesterday, the USPS returned an envelope I sent to a member in New Zealand in October. The USPS yellow label noted:

► Mail Service Suspended / return to sender.

Looks like the Postal monitor was last updated in October.

Update: I made a mistake; it’s Australia - not New Zealand. I had a senior moment…

I’m in New Zealand and have been receiving cards from the US without any issues.

Yes, see above. I made a mistake…Ron

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I’m going to contact Australia post to see if I can find out it it’s still suspended…

@anon95027724, please report Mail suspensions in the :postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts topic, thanks.
That’s the best place for your information.
This Topic will close in a few hours then.

The postal monitor is being updated regularly if you post your information at the correct place.

Will do…thanks

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