Post card artists

Is there a group or subgroup of postcrossers who want to exchange artistic or handmade cards specifically?



Hi Laura,

look at this category:

The first post is a directory.

You can also search for the “handmade” tag.

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There is a very active group:
Handmade Round Robin

There are also a couple of tag games for handmade cards:
Colourful handmade postcard - tag
Coloring postcards - tag
Decorated - wildcard - tag
Draw a picture on the card - tag
Draw me this - tag - List 10 themes
Environmentally friendly Tag
Etegami tag - (handmade cards)
Favourite colour - Handmade cards - tag
Food - package - postcard tag
Handmade cards - choose a subject - tag
Handmade card - Non handmade card - tag
Handmade Offer Tag
Handmade Postcard Tag - Simple - easy - fun
Homemade Textile Crafted Card - tag
Photograph tag

And yes, definitely check out the Directory for Handmade Cards and Mailart.

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I create my own postcards I would love to share my art with a fellow artist.


Thanks for sharing the link. I like your work!