Phoenix meetup January 13, 2024

CITY/REGION: Phoenix, Arizona
MEETUP PLACE: Greater Phoenix Postcard & Paper Show. North Phoenix Baptist Church Fellowship Center, 5757 North Central, Phoenix
DATE: January 13., 2024
TIME: 10 am
Hi all,
I am planning a meetup to occur at the Greater Phoenix Postcard and Paper Show. The entrance fee for the show is $5 per day. SHOW AN OUT OF STATE DRIVERS LICENSE AND GET FREE ADMISSION (after 10 AM)

Meet-up postcards will be available for you to autograph and send to your friends and yourself.

The show is two days, but the meet-up will be on Saturday.

There will be snacks available but please bring your own drink.

Bring your friends and see what a Postcard Show is all about. email me for more details at more information is below. If you wish to receive a postcard from the meetup please email your mailing address to email above or message ezredax on ( )

I look forward to meeting you there.

Demaris Swint

More info.
What are we going to be doing?

  • Spend the time getting to know our fellow postcrossers
    Share our postcrossing experiences/stories
    Postcard swapping
    Sign designed postcrossing meet-up cards
    and of course…write as many cards as we can to send out to the world!

What should I bring? (not mandatory, just some suggestions)

Rubber Stamp or something similar to autograph the meetup postcards. Pens, markers, stickers, washi tape, decorative stamps etc. (anything you like to write or decorate cards with)
list of addresses to send too.
Postage stamps (so we can mail as many cards as we can!) I will have some to use to send meetup postcards
Postcards to trade/swap
Postcards you would like to send out at this meetup
Postcards you want to show off - maybe something you received or like to send
A smartphone/iPad/tablet for connecting to
The ultimate goal of this meetup is to share our collective joy of postcrossing, to make good, positive, and wholesome connections with another human beings, and to spread that positivity and happiness to our fellow postcrossers across the globe!


Hi there!
Just wanted to check… will the meetup be on January 13th or 20th? I believe you have the 20th marked on the header but the description indicates the 13th. I ask because my friend and I are thinking of organizing a meetup in Las Vegas and I’d prefer not to overlap with your event :slight_smile: … just in case!

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The meeting will be on the 13th. The date was changed.

I hope to see you there.


I’m planning to attend. This sounds great! Susan


HI Susan,

Be sure to bring your rubber stamp with you name or screen name on it. There will be meetup postcards for you to autograph.

I look forward to seeing you,

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Hi, I would love to come to this meetup. I have never been to one before. When you say bring a rubber stamp with your name, could you please give me some examples so I can purchase one, please?
Thank you!


Hi Demaris, thank you!

EDIT: Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it out to Phoenix :frowning: I hope you all have a wonderful time if you end up meeting up. I will be hosting two meetups in February – one in Montclair (SoCal) and one in San Francisco. Please feel free to join us if you are able (I know it’s a bit of a trek from AZ!).


I would like to attend. This will be my first meet up :slight_smile:


I’m hoping to drive up from Tucson and join you all


I hope to attend. I’m new to Postcrossing and have never been to a Meetup. Looking forward to it!




I am Jaana (“postcross name” jaanalto) from Oulu Finland, and I am planning a holiday trip to USA in January -24.

I started postcrossing in summer 2022 and I,d love to join you meetup. I coud plan a trip Schedule so that I am in Arzona 13.1 .

if you have a meetup card, I love to order those too. If possible I coud get them in meetup. It is no use to send them in Finland :blush:

I think i am gonna have more questions later, but those later.


Marking on my calendar. I should be there again.


I will try to make arrangements for this meet up! Im from Oregon/Washington :slight_smile:



You can purchase a rubber stamp from many online printing companies. I purchased mine from but there are many others. Mine simply has my screen name: EZREDAX on it.


Hi Jaana, How wonderful that you will be able to attend a meet up while visiting on an international trip. I live in the local area but it will be my first meet up as well. I’m happy to answer any questions about the local area that you might have.

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That’s great. I will purchase one. Thank you for your response. I’m looking forward to the meet up. Please reach out to me if I can help you in any way for the meet up.

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i am sad to announce the passing of demaris swint (aka ezredax). she passed away on october 30th. i do not know what will be happening with the january 13, 2024 meetup. she will be missed by the postcrossing community. asking if people will bless her family of sending a condolence card. her memorial service will be held on november 8 in alamo texas. please send a card to her family at:
Swint Family
PO box 746
Alamo, Texas


Thank you so much for sharing. :frowning: she will be missed!!


Thank you for the update. Condolences to everyone who knew and loved her.


I’m so sad to read of Damarius’ passing. Thank you for this information and an address for her family.

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