Paper Woven Postcards - Show Us :)


Have you :

  1. made them ?

  2. received them ?

  3. thought about making them ?

Please show us if you have them :slight_smile:

As for me, I have not tried making them but would love to!


I have both made and received paper-woven cards as we had a few groups on that topic on the Handmade RR. :slight_smile: I also have to thank @taebbig for teaching me how to do it! :blush:

I’ll try and upload a few examples:



Wow they look amazing! :heart_eyes:
I would love to try this technique, but I don’t even know where to start.

@wurzelsofie could you tell us in a few steps how to do this?

Do you do this with postcards or with magazine pictures that you glue onto postcards?

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There are many tutorials on YouTube that explain it a lot better than I ever could! It’s really easy and has amazing effects - it’s always kind of a surprise when you see the finished pattern. :smile:

I do this for postcards using old bookpages, magazine cut-outs or simple crafting paper; depending on how you cut the slits (straight or curvy) and the width of the paper strips you’ll get different results.
For postcards I use two sheets of postcard-sized paper (one as base and one cut into strips) and then glue the finished paper woven sheet onto card stock. I also laminate the front because otherwise the cards would inevitably get damaged in the mail due to the uneven surface of the paper-weaving. But I sent all these paper woven cards without envelopes and they all arrived safely!

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@wurzelsofie How do you laminate the front? They really look awesome. I’ll give it a try when I have time in my Revalidation…:love_letter::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can show you how I did it:

I took 2 same size paper woven cards and put them exactly onto each other - the woven sides were on the outsides, the writing side on the inside.

Then I put them into the laminating foil and carefully into the hot laminating machine. Afterwards I cut the eges (leaving a few millimetres of the foil around the card) and carefully pulled both layers apart from each other.

The picture shows the back of one of the cards.


I don’t have a laminating machine so I simply use self-adhesive clear foil such as this.



Amazing! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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These are two cards I made that were still in my stack until earlier today. I just did a little bike trip to the mailbox and posted them :wink:

When having a closer look at the back of both cards I realized, that I used a much more complicated laminating technique with more cutting and waste involved. Usually I do as described above when laminating handmade postcards. (Though I do so not very often.)


I once wrote a German description of how i do it :slight_smile:



Thank you for sharing! And I am supposed to receive the one above you showed for the Handmade Offer tag, which is going to be my very first one to receive as for paper woven cards :slight_smile:

I made this one at a museum and glued it on a postcard when I got home. It says SOS in morse code.


I made these ones out of recycled paper strips!

(offical card)

(swap with @1973mkdct)


Been practicing!


Greeeeat stuff!!! Thx for Sharing! And even @taebbig thx for the Tutorial, also @Reisegern for the lamination explanation!!!

I made some Paper Woven cards, too, and will show it asap!!! Pls be patient!!!

Here they are…


I particularly like the eye one! The red and the written paper go together really well in colour, and the curve of the weaving highlights the eye effectively

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I just gave this a go today, making two simple woven cards using two pairs of vintage postcards showing the same place


Thank you for your nice words!!!
And I noticed you’re right!!!

I never thought of doing this before seeing these threads on the forums. Can I send them naked without paying the non-machineable surcharge?