✅ Not receiving emails

We noticed this issue in the last few hours, that some emails providers have started marking Postcrossing’s emails as spam… :frowning: We’re trying to reach out to them to fix this issue, but we can’t guarantee they’ll do so promptly.

Many of you have emailed us at support but our replies are often being rejected as well.

This is mainly affecting Russian and German members who use mail.ru, GMX domains or web.de.

So if you have another email address that you can use for now, we would recommend changing to it, in order not to lose more emails.

Hopefully they’ll fix this soon!


web.de is affected, too.


I use gmail. Could that work for anyone? I have not encountered this issue

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I haven’t any mails from postcrossing in spam folder too (( I go to forum to read messages from forum, but i don’t know how to read messages hurray.


will you let us know, if/when the problem is solved, so that i can switch back to my old mailadress for postcrossing?
i created a new one (gmail) and received postcrossing notifications there, but i don’t want to use gmail longer than necessary.
thank you :slight_smile:


Will have to test, but did not yet had an issues with web.de

I did. And i also, did not receive emails in my Spam folder.

So it’s needed to change the email-adress for a time?

I already was wondering why I didn’t get emails from Postcrossing anymore… :thinking: That’s a huge annoyance! :angry: Thanks for giving notice…


Will do.


Same problem here, but out of three addresses drawn, one e-mail made it through hours later :thinking:
(Also nothing in the spam folder)

Good, that I have had a look here now because I had the same problem this morning. (gmx. de)
I draw a new adress for sending postcard but received no e-mail and there´s also nothing in my spam folder.
But so far, thanks for information, I know, you are working on the problem already …
Thank you

I’ve just drawn some new addresses and did not receive any mails, either (I’m using web.de).

I’ll keep an eye on this topic… might switch to gmail in the meantime.

I have problems with web.de, too. As far as I know gmx.de and web.de is the same company.


Thanks for flagging this, I have just noticed for gmx.net which again is the same company.

The same thing. No letters at all

I’ve changed my address now, but it seems I have already lost one hurray message. :cry:


Emails to gmx.de/web.de will remain queued for a few days, so they may still reach you. We are doing our best to not lose any emails, but it will depend on how fast gmx.de/web.de fixes this— so far they have dismissed our contact about it. :slightly_frowning_face:

We are insisting, but we are not their clients, so they don’t have to pay attention to us. If anyone wants to contact them, it may help get their attention. :confused:


Is there a way to receive the hurray message I missed to the new E-Mail address I put in?

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Sorry, no — we keep no copies of the messages, other than in the already queued emails (which can only remain in queue for a few days)

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