✅ Not receiving emails

Same in Switzerland. No mails via gmx.ch , but I don’t have another address.

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Not receiving e-mails either. Does that mean they are lost or will they all pop up as soon as the problem is solved?? :thinking:

@paulo, is there something specific I should write to them about the problem? Or could you provide a template? Then I would contact the support of gmx.de
Thanks for being on top of this!

Paulo answered this a bit further up:

Just that you are not receiving emails from postcrossing.com because they are refusing them. And maybe that we are not spammers!

Sorry, we too are in the dark about why exactly this happening. We have many years of history of sending emails to them and follow all email best practices, so this is quite odd.


I have written to GMX to complain and explain the situation - I can’t really imagine it will help much, but who knows. At least I tried.

Edit: My mail has been rejected. How fitting! :crazy_face:
Edit 2: Second time lucky - the mail has been sent and received. Now we’ll see what happens …


thanks for telling us :+1: hopefully the problem can be resolved quickly :pray::four_leaf_clover:

Could you perhaps share a link to their contact form? It might help a few more members get in touch with them and speed things up!

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I had to search around a bit to find a way to contact them without calling them, but then I found this address:


I received a “We have received your e-mail and will get in touch with you etc.” message back, so the address seems to be working.


Hi forum :wave:,

I just wrote them (there’s a “report a problem” button in the app that sends to mobile-apps@1und1.de). Told them what postcrossing is about and how blacklisting the sender blocks users across all their brands…

Fingers crossed!

I missed a hurray too :sob:


It seems that they have a bigger problem with their spam filters. If you go into the help section they basically ask for patience because of email delays and say they’re working on it (I attached a screenshot). Their twitter account also says that they have increased spam levels and they offer a form (in German though) for System Administrators who receive an error message. https://twitter.com/GMX/status/1370305298003546113

Since it says delays and not lost emails and one of three drawn addresses also got through to me, I might be cautiously optimistic that at least some messages will still make it


We have already filled that contact form yesterday, but received a template reply saying we are sending emails too fast. We aren’t — not more than usual anyway.

It seems they are struggling to stop someone else’s spam and are blocking more than they should to do it.


Yes, it seems like they marked a whole lot of servers as suspicious and now face the backlash. But at least they seem aware of the whole issue…

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I was using GMX and have now created a new email address at ‘yahoo.com’. Is there any way to receive Postcrossing emails, that have been lost, again? I have not received 3 ‘Hurray’ emails and would like to know what these people said! :bowing_woman:t3:

I hope this issue will be fixed soon. Thanks for taking care of it :hugs:

@LenaSophie I am not receiving Hurray messages either
at gmx.com. I am in US.

Would you mind translating the German notice from the
company? It does not let me copy it to take it to translategoggle.com.

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I sent an e-mail to the de-mail-kundenservice@gmxnet.de as well.

Maybe this advice could help Russian users: when I just started postcrossing, my mail.ru postbox also marked almost all postcrossing letters as spam, so all you need to do is go to the Spam folder, choose some Postcrossing letter and click on this button from above

and problem dissapears :slight_smile: Now you’ll see them in the Inbox folder.

Also I’m not really sure that it’s the email-provider problem: many other providers like yandex.ru mark as spam letters that shouldn’t be marked as spam.

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It basically says that we might be experiencing delays of emails coming in and that they’re working on fixing the issue ASAP so that we can receive messages without problems again and ask us to please excuse any trouble caused and have a bit of patience

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Hi @katnisseverdeen,
welcome to the forum!

But I asked the person whose Hurray-message I missed here in the forum, whether she could send it again/ anew because I missed it. And they were kind enough to reply with a message here in the messaging system. :cherry_blossom:

I also complained to GMX - as I use a free of charge account for Postcrossing, they probably don’t work on it with high priority.

If there are users with a GMX premium account with costs, they should complain too, please! Might have more impact. :slightly_smiling_face: