Not receiving cards for some weeks

Hi guys,

Does anyone else has the same ‘problem’? Been postcrossing for a year now and Iove it. But as my topic title says: I haven’t been receiving cards for a while now. The latest card that has been send to me was dated on September 20th. I’ve been sending cards the whole time myself and they also arrive but I don’t receive any myself…
Should I just be patient or is there something wrong?


I only got one card in Sept - it depends on where they’re coming from & what’s going on with the mail services enroute.

The Delta wave is definitely affecting some countries more than others. And also some postal services cut off delivery or sending to some countries given this situation.

Sometimes the balance & the process with sending & receiving cards make this happen, but not often.

When I look at my stats since I joined in July of 2020, I have had low numbers of cards received happen 2 other times at about 5 month intervals, so I think it’s just the ebb & flow of the cards mostly.

Me too haven’t received anything after August :disappointed_relieved:


Looking into your stats, you must have had a surplus of received cards until Oct 27. That’s when your hooray messages should have included a “now YOU will receive a postcard from another random member” at the bottom. Until then, you had the bonus of more cards received than sent.

With that being said, that’s only a week ago, so cards should be coming in shortly.
(“Complaining” in the forum usually seems to help as well …)


On the Postal Monitor is shows that Sri Lanka is not sending mail to 185 countries currently - that’s very high. Do you know if they are accepting incoming mail? They may not be.

That could definitely be a problem. You asked a few months ago cards for your daughter. Many people responded. Did any of these cards arrive yet?

Yeh all of the cards requeated for my daughter arrived. And also forum swaps also arrived.

Yeh thats true. But some countries in that 185 list has no restrictions to send mails to Sri Lanka.
I think its the matter that we had some travel restriction in September. I gues its the problem of not getting official cards. Ive sent few and they were registered and I hope something will come in this month.

@Fanny76 You can check your statistic.
You had more received than sent in September and October.
Your 238 sent card was registered in 27 October. Your address went to the pool again on this day. I believe you have cards traveling to you since 27 October because now you have more sent than received.

@Prithika same with Fanny
You are entitled a new card after your 71 sent card was registered on 24 October.

This is also my problem. We get cards in batch and then we get nothing in 1 or 2 months :smiley:


That’s very true :grinning:

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Not a single official card in Oct 21.
But RR Groups made my mailbox smiling :love_letter: :heart_eyes:

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I also think this is the most probable explanation about the situation :+1:. Plus the address could be drawn by members with a slow postal service.

Certainly there was a problem in SL Post a couple of months ago. They secretly ceased their operations for 2 weeks without issuing any official notice to the public. Then there was a transportation problem for another few weeks. For me, 3 postcards from Australia, 1 from Denmark, 1 from Poland, 1 letter from France, 1 from China are seem to be lost :cry:. But situation is normal now. Most active countries can send mail to Sri Lanka, so international mail suspensions are not affecting much.


I’m new to PC and I sent out about 5 postcards of which all were received and registered but, since the 4 weeks I’ve sent those, I have yet to get a postcard myself.
I’m hoping to get some wherein I’ll register it.
Perhaps I need to be patient.

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Patience is probably the feature most needed when participating in postcrossing, esp. in the beginning. (A certain tolerance/flexibilty comes next, imho)

Your adress went into the pool on 15th of October the first time, then 21st and 22nd. So it’s not four weeks, but a bit more than two weeks. Which is slightly above my median time for AT to US, for example (other (western) European countries should be the same).

Conclusion: it will happen any time soon, but you still have to wait

edit: just saw that you sit on Hawaii; there might be an extra day needed for US-postal service to sort the incoming cards on the mainland and bring them to your home


I’m such a do-do bird, I realised those are the dates when some of my postcards were received and registered. Haha :laughing: I forgot that, that information is visible on my profile to other PC members.

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@Fanny76 Then I bet your mailbox will be happy today!
As we don’t have mail delivery on Sunday and Monday in The Netherlands, there’s a big chance a first card will arrive today!

Be thankful you don’t live on the bottom of the world like me :grimacing:. I joined Postcrossing on 3rd September. I’ve sent 9 postcards out officially. Four have been received and registered. The first and second on the 27th September and 7th October respectively…so 36 and 26 days ago…and I still haven’t received a card back yet :sob:. They’re probably sitting in a warehouse in Sydney…that’s where two parcels from Switzerland seem to have been hanging out lately :weary:. I hold my breath as I visit the PO Box every day :grimacing:. I hope your cards start to arrive really soon! :crossed_fingers:t2:


Dear Fanny,

Cards will soon be flowing in again! Patience is a virtue which we all do not have;)


Good news. I got an official card today hurray :hugs::hugs:



Thank you so much for your explanation. I wasn’t aware of the fact that not every hurray-message included the sentence about receiving a card yourself. I thought that it counted for every hurray. So, I learned a bit more about PX because of your answer.
Again, thanks!


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