[NOT A BUG] Home button opens new tab

I used to be able to use the home button to go back to official post crossing from the forum without it opening a new tab but now on safari it opens a new tab. Is there a way to stop a new tab from opening?

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Is there any chance that it is a preference set in your browser? (open links in new tab or similar).

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I checked but could not find a new preference and I had not changed anything. It was opening in same tab until today. Is there somewhere besides interface preferences I should check?

I just tried it and it’s the same for me - opens a new tab, and I have not changed any preferences anywhere.

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This is a temporary change while we are trying to find a workaround for a different issue. If it doesn’t work, it will be reverted soon.


Thank you!

LOL, I would actually prefer if the home button always worked like this (opened a new tab) - I know, I’m weird :laughing:


I agree but I’m used to right click it and then open in a new tab ^^

Just to keep everyone in the loop: we’ll be keeping the Home link opening in a new tab for now. This seems to be the only known workaround for a weird Safari bug that the recent update to Discourse 3.2 seems to trigger.

I realize this change of behaviour is annoying. It’s however still better than the weird errors that this Safari bug creates otherwise – opening this link in a new tab seems to solve it for now.

We’ll revert this if/when a cleaner workaround comes about.