New Stamps issued in 2024

Chengjia biota fossil.PM me if you interested.


180 years of Serbian Civil Code
Serbian Civil Code was adopted in 1844. It happened under the work of politican Jovan Hadžić (on the left) and under the rule of Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević (on the right). Code was valid until until comunist regime in Yugoslavia when it was declared unvalid as represent of civil society. Today it can be used in legal practice, but only in rare cases when a few legal institutes defined by the Code are not defined by modern Serbian laws. Serbia still didn’t get modern Code in civil law.

Face value covers postage for 20g regular letter in domestic postal traffic.


This design was announced a few months ago by the US Postal Service but today they provided the official stamp announcement for the upcoming issue honoring Ansel Adams, an artist who is well known for taking black and white photos of various landscapes in the United States. Some of his most famous work includes photos that he took at Yosemite National Park in California. The stamp dedication ceremony will be held at the Ansel Adams Gallery, located inside Yosemite National Park.


Completely agree with that! I’m not a fan of stamps created from photos. I so appreciate a well-designed stamp and miss the artistry of the engraved stamps.

Editing to add that the Ansel Adams stamps are an exception to that seeing as they celebrate a photographer.


Another EUROPA stamp was announced


Republic of China (Taiwan) Recreational Activities stamps,


General national security education
Issues in April 15

China shipbuilding industry S2
Issues in April 23

Aircraft carrier – Shandong

055 guided missile destroyer

China’s first large cruise ship

The world’s first 23,000 TEU dual-fuel powered container ship

Suzhou Industrial Park
Issues in May 5


Posti will issue a stamp celebrating Sweden joining NATO in May.



I have many times complained that our international stamps are mainly wintery, and sent suggestion to maybe have flag there, or coat of arms, something not seasonal.

Well, it is flag now. Not wintery.
But it took few seconds to think what country’s stamp is this.

It will have a matching piority label, I like it:

(I have also asked a little smaller size stamps (because if using many), seems like this could be a little smaller, if you don’t use the priority label, but then, this doesn’t need extra stamp for a card.)

All in all, I am happy to get a new international stamp :slightly_smiling_face:

(Edit. the blues seem so different shade, it will be fun to see how it looks in reality.)


China Shipbuilding Industry


It shortly confused me a bit… like Finland celebrates joining Nato… oh no it’s Sweden, finnish flag looks different… until I understood that it is a Finnish stamp but with the Swedish flag as it celebrates that Sweden joined the NATO - confusing. XD


I love this :smiley: I need to get this one, is there exact date announced? Do I need to plan my next summer’s Finland trip for this?

Somebody has to do it since Sweden is not going to issue Nato stamp so… :joy:
It actually makes lot more sense when thinking about the Sweden-Finland relationship and the domestic process that went on the Nato application. I think it might be confusing for others, but from my point of view… it makes sense, weirdly enough.


Yes, it will be 8th May

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And I envy your new ABBA stamps…

The US Postal Service announced today that they would be issuing a stamp honoring Henry “Hank” Aaron, a historic professional Baseball player who rose to fame during his time playing for the Atlanta Braves. He hit his 715th home run on April 8th, 1974 (50 years ago, today)
Issue date and dedication ceremony details have not been announced yet


Switzerland has issued a new definitive series this year, along with an increase in the postage.


The butterfly wing and the spider web is beautiful

Roller Sports Federation of Portugal - 100 Years

image image
image image


I found a nother announce EUROPA stamp issue ^^


Ten new stamps to be issued on 16th April by Royal Mail :uk:feature imagery from 100 years of special issues.

The designs feature aspects of the UK’s history, culture, natural world, scientific endeavours and feats of innovation.