New Stamps issued in 2023

in 2004 we had a whole set of cat stamps…

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Korea Jan to May 2023


Japan 22 Feb 2023


Japan 08 Feb 2023


1st stamp in new year 2023 in Slovakia :slovakia: will be…
30 years of the Slovak Republic :slovakia: - Honor guard of the President of the Slovak Republic
This stamp will be issued on 2nd of January.

Stamp shows Honor guard of the President of the Slovak Republic in front of Presidential palace.

T1 50g = 1,00€


About Honor guard of the President of the Slovak Republic

The Honour Guard of the President is a symbol and attribute of Slovak statehood. Its history dates back to the beginnings of the constitution of the First Czechoslovak Republic :czech_republic:.
In addition to the uniform, which is based on the classic military cut, dressed in historical uniforms modelled after the Slovak volunteers of 1848. Specifically, they were created according to the uniform of the national revivalist Ján Francisci-Rimavský. He was portrayed in this uniform by painter Peter Michal Bohúň.

Ján Francisci-Rimavský wearing uniform during Slovak Uprising in years 1848 - 1849, painted by Peter Michal Bohúň

The historical uniform of the soldiers of the honour guard is containing:
grey trousers :jeans:
hat :tophat: with a white feather :feather:
and :white_circle:, :large_blue_circle: and :red_circle: folk decorative ornamentation.
Its exclusivity is underlined by the rich gilding and :brown_circle: brown fur on the winter caps and hems of the upper doublet. The wearer’s rank is marked on the doublet with red :red_circle: epaulettes using appropriate insignia.

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A great way to start the 2023 programme.

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From the series ‘Typical Dutch’: Musea

From the series ‘Experience Nature’: Marker Wadden

The Marker Wadden is an artificial archipelago under development in the Markermeer (lake). The main aims of the project are to improve the water ecology and to create biodiversity. The islands have been colonized by large numbers of breeding birds.


Those fruit ones are so stinkin cute!!!

I adore these Marker Wadden. I hope everyone buys them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Addition to my previous post: the “Sweden in 500 years” series is also going to include this domestic value stamp showing Stockholm’s town hall.

This series might have even one more additional motif, because they will even issue a minisheet, but there isn’t any pics of it yet so it is unsure if it will be completely another design or just one of the already shown ones. Two latest minisheets had the same motif as the booklet stamps so I think they will do like that this time too.


Cyprus Postal Services Preliminary Program for 2023:

23rd of February:

  1. Dragonflies of Cyprus (2 stamps)
  2. Refugee Stamp, version 2023 (1 stamp)

4th of April

  1. Common issue: Israel - Cyprus (1 stamp)
  2. Cyprus Antianemia Association, 50th Anniversary (1 stamp)
  3. Pancyprian Association of Teachers, 70th Anniversary (1 stamp)

9th of May

  1. Europa 2023 (2 stamps)

10th of July

  1. Euromed 2023 (1 stamp)

22nd of September

  1. Cypriot Artists and their artworks - Definitive series (10-12 stamps)

17th of November

  1. Christmas 2023 (3 stamps)

Except the stamps, the postal services will issue a First Day Cover for all stamp series except the Refugee stamp. Unfortunately still there are no available photos of the stamps. When I will have some new information, I will let you know. Happy New Year to everyone.


Italy :it: 2023 stamp program, see official file here for issue dates:
Italy stamp program (update dec17, 2022)

As usual, there’ll be several updates, an no images until stamp is issued.
Unusual, presentation order is not chronological, and descriptions of each issue is quite long… I’ve made a shorter version here :wink: :

  1. EUROPA 2023
  2. 75 years of first session italian Senate
  3. 100 years of italian Air Force
  4. Bergamo and Brescia, capital of italian culture
  5. European Union, 30 years of Maastricht treaty
  6. 60 years of National Order of Journalists
  7. Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto (economist and sociologist), 100 years from death
  8. Italo Calvino (writer) 100 years from birth
  9. Plinio il Vecchio (roman writer), bimillennium of birth
  10. Alessandro Manzoni (writer) 150 years from death
  11. Don Giovanni Minzoni (priest) 100 years from death
  12. Pasquale Saraceno (economist) 120 years from birth
  13. Queen Elizabeth II commemorative stamp
  14. Franco Frattini (politician - passed away in december 2022)
  15. Silvano Campeggi (painter) 100 years from birth
  16. Tourist series: Maritime Republics, Monfalcone, Mazara del Vallo, marine technology (wave energy and offshore wind)
  17. Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Parks 100 years from establishment
  18. UNCEM National Union of Municipalities, Communities, Mountain Authorities, 70 years
  19. Oldest carnivals in Italy: Venice, Fano, Putignano and Dauno, Acireale, Cento, Viareggio
  20. Verrocchio’s workshop, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Perugino, Ghirlandaio, Botticini, Signorelli
  21. Royal Spanish Academy in Rome, 150 years
  22. Marcialonga (cross country ski race) 50 years
  23. Benito Franco Giuseppe Jacovitti (cartoonist) 100 years from birth
  24. Jubilee of Forgiveness
  25. Franco Zeffirelli (film director) 100 years from birth
  26. Lelio Luttazzi (showman) 100 years from birth
  27. Vocabulary of italian language by Nicola Zingarelli, 100 years
  28. High School of Specialization in Telecommunications 100 years
  29. Turin University national library 300 years
  30. agri-food brands: De Cecco, Cirio, Vismara, Santa Rosa, Star
  31. Italian Space Programmes, Piero Angela, Italian Space Agency, the Italian Astronauts
  32. Cedral Tassoni (beverages) 230 years
  33. Martini & Rossi (beverages) 160 years
  34. Fratelli Tallia wool mill in Delfino, 120 years
  35. Felce Azzurra (soap brand) 100 years
  36. Rigoni di Asiago (marmalades) 100 years
  37. Industria Maimeri (art materials) 100 years
  38. Nave Italia, 30 years
  39. Kiev churches, Mariupol theater, Lviv square, Odesa port - with surcharge for refugees from Ukraine
  40. Artillerists National Association, 100 years
  41. AFM Mattei Brothers Association for the victims of terrorism
  42. Red Benches (against violence on women)
  43. Don Lorenzo Milani (priest) 100 years from birth
  44. International Day of students
  45. Hellas Verona football club, 120 years
  46. Ducati motorcycle (victory of 2022 Moto GP World Championship)
  47. European Volleyball Championships masculine and feminine
  48. Codogno, european municipality of sport
  49. Ryder Cup (golf)
  50. Ocean Race (yacht race)
  51. Christmas
  52. Gubbio Christmas tree

Telecommunication and space :point_up::+1: perfect :ok_hand::blush:


These are the original postage stamps made for this New Year in Russia. :rabbit2:


New stamps to be issued by Royal Mail :uk: on 12 January 2023 depicting heavy metal band Iron Maiden

Also stamps depicting Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie


Stamp emission program of Turkey


Irish stamp issued today for national mail


The Palace Museum

Issue in 9th JAN.


:greece: Greece - 2023 postage stamps programme

Sustainable Development – ESG, 2023-01-26
Children and Stamps, Children and Technology, 2023-02-23
Theatrical costumes, 2023-03-27
World Stray Animals Day, 2023-04-04
Europa 2023 - Peace, 2023-05-09
EuroMED 2023, Festival of the Mediterranean, 2023-07-10
Elefsis European Capital of Culture 2023 (date TBA)
Christmas 2023, 2023-11-02


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