New Record - can anyone beat it?

Like many other Postcrossers, I have been saving up my available slots to send until today - World Postcard Day. It seems this tactic may have bitten me in the rear, though, as I just set a personal high score for least diverse group of addresses:

Yes, you counted that correctly, all seventeen cards are going to the same three countries. Good job USA for managing to squeeze two addresses in! So tell me in the comments: was this just a fluke of the algorithm, or can anyone beat my numbers?


When there are soooooooo many people requesting addresses at the same time, it’s really hard to even find addresses to give out… let alone try to diversify the sendings. :sweat_smile:


Why yes, actually, I can beat your so-called “record.” As you can see from the attached OFFICIAL Postcrossing statistics, in the month of August, every single one of my sent cards went to Finland, thus resulting in the beautiful, perfect, uninterrupted orange graphic. And believe me, I already know what you’re thinking:
“Oh no, it’s him again. Does he really think that I wouldn’t notice that he only sent one card in August? So not only does his little missive demonstrate his total cluelessness, but it also demonstrates his total irresponsibility as a Postcrosser. Only ONE sent card? Pathetic.”
And of course you’re right on all counts, but still, I’ve achieved a perfect, uninterrupted orange graphic.


I sent 10 today:

5 to Germany
4 to the US
1 to Taiwan

I have 2 more slots, but my mail has already been picked up :grin:


All hail the orb! I actually managed the same feat back in August of 2020 (hooray for exam season) with a single card to Germany. There have also been a few months where I received only one card, resulting in an equally beautiful orb.

I wonder what happens if there is no address to give out?

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I expect the website will be closed for a while until things can be sorted out. It happened twice (to my knowledge) last year.


I had 6 slots and 5 are going to Germany


I chose 2 only, one to Germany, one to US. I will leave the other slots for other days…I am happy it went so smoothly…


Mh, the countries of addresses I drew today were actually quite diverse:

Germany |7|
USA |5|
Russia |3|
Taiwan |3|
Canada |2|
Netherlands |2|
Austria |1|
Finland |1|
France |1|
Hong Kong |1|
Indonesia |1|
Japan |1|
Portugal |1|

…but then, I drew them directly after midnight (German time), so, early in the day. I guess the running-out-of-addresses thing wasn’t that bad yet.

(Also, yes, that’s a lot of mail. I’m aware.)


That’s equal parts impressive and intimidating. If I may ask, how many have you managed to write so far? And to what address should I send the ambulance when your writing hand inevitably falls off?


Oh, they’re all already mailed! Since today is World Postcard Day, obviously, we (because our WPD design is teamwork) have done nothing but snail mail. So far, no ambulance required, thanks. :laughing:


Haha, I do have a full circle too :smile: One from 2016/2017 and one now.

And there are many more to come!

But then… you may say I cheat with repeated countries turned on :upside_down_face:


Thank you for ruining my dreams on, of all days, World Postcard Day. Fortunately, today also happens to be International Coffee Day, so at least I have that much.


So I think I choose well today. 1x Germany, 1x Russia, 1x USA and (Im so happy about it) 1x arab. Emirates :star_struck: Thats really rare.


Out of 38 addresses I took out today:

USA - 2
Germany - 19
Russia - 17


When there’s no more addresses to give out, they give Postcrossers the address of a P.O. box in Inturkestan, in the hopes that no one will realize that Inturkestan doesn’t actually exist. I finally figured it out when all five of my postcards sent to Inturkestan, over the years, went unregistered. And the whole time I was placing the blame on Inturkestan’s postal workers.


I picked four addresses today and ended up with a typical (for me) mix.

USA - 1
Germany - 2
Czechia - 1

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I had nine slots saved up for World Postcard Day which I drew all at once last night after midnight UTC, and all 9 went to the USA! I was able to draw another card this morning and it went to Germany.

With the exception of one card going to China from when their suspension was lifted, all my cards have gone to either Germany or USA since restarting Postcrossing last month after a one year hiatus. Honestly, I don’t mind. Cards to Germany get registered quickly (often faster than cards to USA), and of course cards to USA are inexpensive to send.

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Really ?? Or you just joking :sweat_smile:


I drew 6 addresses today… 3 cards are off to Germany, 2 to Russia and 1 to the USA.