New Record - can anyone beat it?

Wow. That is really impressive. I get a lot of Germany, but no Russia because unfortunately USA cannot send mail there :frowning: and no USA because I don’t send within my own country. Today I am getting more of a mix!

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Yes, I was just joking. (But there really is a country called Inturkestan, but its citizens prefer that it not be on any maps; they hate tourists).


wow - i sent out 5 today, and got 4 different countries - 2 germany, 1 each to japan, canada, and poland.


Just sending out four. Two Netherlands and two Germany. Happy with whatever I got :blush:

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We might take this idea, and replace it with our own PO box address instead… Portugal is not a very common country, and we love postcards… win-win! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wouldn’t it be cool to receive official postcard to Postcrossing’s PO Box.


But why settle only for postcards? People could also send you cash, chocolate, and maybe even a masterpiece or two, “borrowed” from The Louvre.


My score out of 11 addresses drawn today:
RU - 5
DE - 4
US - 2
Rest of the world - 0

Same assortment as @MostlyMess
A bit sad about this lack of variety. Where are those other countries? I wish I had drawn Mrs. Mostly Mess…

Can’t beat the record, but share my own pretty striped pattern:


So, do I figure this out right, that by saving slots (not sending cards when another one of mine is received) I exacerbate the problem? So, if I would have continued to send out postcards when I got a hurray message, there would be less of a problem?

As a further thought, if we don’t fill our slots for whatever reasons, we make it more difficult for all of us? And further, maybe the number of potential slots is too big for an individual to fill? Maybe there is an ideal number?

I have 24 slots, and often i have 20 to 22 cards traveling, I just kept them back because I thought I was doing the right thing for WPD and ended up with 16 slots that I used all up today. So maybe next year sending 2 cards only, as surely one of them will arrive to give the badge, is the right thing to do?

I don’t have as many slots as you do but here you go! (Note: this is with repeated countries option off!)


Yes, a lot of Russia today.

My daughter had 9 slots: 1x Poland, 1x Netherlands, 4x Russia and 3x USA :grimacing:

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I had 9 free slots and I’m sort of angry at the German card which interrupted my perfect list of cards to Russia :grin:

(Now, seriously, I have repeated country option on and it’s perfectly ok for me)


I also had this nice pattern and laughed when my son drew the IDs for me… “Are you serious?”, I asked him with a smile. :smile::crazy_face:


This is what I got:

For the first eight slots I had repeated countries activated (1 Russia, all others Germany), then for the last 3 open slots I chose to have the repeated countries option to be deactivated and got Finland, another Russia and Austria. :slight_smile:

I am quite happy with this result.

I drew the first 9 addresses at my local morning time (between 8 and 10), always drawing 1 address, writing the card, and then drawing the next address.

The last 2 addresses I drew later in the day.

I guess that after having filled my slots with Germany, the system did not give me any more when I then deactivated repeated countries to balance things?

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Ok, I am relieved that I am not alone with this :slight_smile:
My list from yesterday and a few the day before… (but with repeated countries off)


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Oh, I can join this club, too! :grin:
Repeated countries option off, addresses drawn yesterday morning (German time).

I don’t mind, I actually thought it was kind of funny (and to be expected). I just hope those to Russia will actually get there!

:green_heart: :fox_face:


I can beat that easily!
All my one cards are going to exactly the same country - Germany!


You must have made a special appointment with the staff and subscribed Russan addresses!

You are apalling right, it does not even exist in Iowa! But maybe that will change until October 1st, 2023.