New: Germany's deepest mailbox 🐟 With pictures!


As someone who loves both postcards and the underwater world, you guys can imagine I’m thrilled to announce that… Germany finally has its own underwater mailbox!

It’s 19 metres deep inside Kreidesee Hemmoor, a lake north of Hamburg, and a genuine Divers’ Disneyland :fish: The water is very clear (for a lake :wink:), the lake is ~60m deep, full of things to explore underwater, and it’s only open for divers - no regular swimming allowed! 19 metres deep makes the mailbox significantly deeper than this wonderful place I can’t wait to visit too:

Now, Postcrossing wouldn’t be Postcrossing if some of the very first postcards sent from this unique mailbox didn’t have a mysterious DE-… code on it :grin:

Let me tell you how it happened:

A little over a week ago, a freediving festival took place at the lake, and this is why I was there too. Not knowing anything about the new mailbox I was busy from mornings to evenings doing workshops, making new friends… Doing regular things like repairing cars…

… when a diving friend from Berlin texted me that the lake’s Facebook account had just posted the glorious news! I don’t remember ever letting him know about my postcard shenanigans, so I guess I must have given him a drunk post-dive speech about postcards and stamps (I guess you all know what it’s like :grin:). Well, good thing I did! I started my little side quest to find the mailbox, and tadaaah:

It even states the collection time (“weekly”), tells us that waterproof postcards can be bought at the reception, and that it’s Germany’s deepest mailbox:

The next side quest began because my tight festival schedule hardly allowed me to visit the reception with its constant queue of arriving scuba divers (but of course I made it happen :grin:), and because said reception had screwed up buying waterproof pens for their waterproof postcards! I tested the one they sold me in the sink: came off straight away :scream: They did have a thick green one I could borrow - good enough, but I was so relieved the addresses I drew didn’t have a delicate script like Chinese :sweat_smile:

By the time I mailed the cards on the last festival day my legs felt completely useless and I was frozen - it was those cold days in the midst of the heat wave, with only 22°C air temperature and only 12°C in the 20m depth region :cold_face: Mailing those cards was the very last thing I did before literally breaking down :sweat_smile:

The card itself is posted without the stamp, so the diving mail carriers (?) attach it themselves. Of course I reminded the receptionist that international mail requires more postage than national haha, postcrossers’ paranoia… Would have loved to see their faces when they saw one of their first postcards is going all the way to Vietnam :grin:

Now, this is the card:

And this is it, Postcrossing reaching new depths :tada::

And there’s a happy ending too: the first card arrived :heart::heart::heart:

I can’t wait to go back and mail some more, and I hope I get to spot some more underwater mail on people’s walls!


Amazing :smiley:

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Wow, how cool is that! :smiley::+1::postal_horn:

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Fabulous news & thanks for sharing this with us!

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That is so incredibly cool!

Thank you for this wonderful post and photos!

Wow! So cool! And a great story! Thanks for sharing :diving_mask::postbox:

Yes very cool and thanks for sharing. Wow interesting.

Awesome! And extra kudos that you posted them while freediving :ok_hand:

Note to self: always carry a waterproof pen :rofl:

Wow, that is really krass. I have to visit this letterbox, when I am in my old hometown Hamburg.

Does Playmobil make scuba gear accessories?


This underwater mailbox is so wonderfully bonkers, I love it, thank you for sharing this!
:tropical_fish: :fish: :email:

Great story, great photos and a happy end :heart_eyes: Thank you so much for sharing!

They do!! I checked a while ago, for similar reasons :smile:

Wow, so interesting :slight_smile:
Thank you for shareing!

Thank you for this amazing news & pictures! :smiley:
Hopefully one day you’ll draw my adress …
… okay, I guess about everyone here wants a diver’s card :wink: :shark:

I hope the receiver was deeply grateful :blush:


Very cool! :smiley: Thank you for the info and pictures!

Wow! You Germans got it all! This is simply amazing. Tell me more! How and why did this come to be? It’s truly amazing!

What a fantastical story:) Loved reading this and seeing the images. Thanks for sharing.