New: Germany's deepest mailbox 🐟 With pictures!

Haha I think I told you everything I know about it :see_no_evil: I hope I get to go back this season and ask all about it, but now I’m traveling and it might be too late already…

Cheers from Nepal! :nepal:

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What an awesome story! I never knew there was such a thing as an underwater mailbox!

I’ll fetch out my PADI licence, and plan a trip, while we’re still in Germany.
But I’ll wait until the summer, I’ve only dived in the Red See so far!

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@gharbeia and everyone else, feel free to ping me if you need a buddy ^^ Always happy to go back to Hemmoor


Hemmoor is west of Hamburg, east of Bremerhaven

not sure who can help here but i am looking for such a postmark for my daughter’s next exhibit so that she can prepare it and participate in the next exhibit.
My request for the same is here :

Hi @sunilmandaliya, I’m going back to the lake in august so in theory I might help, but to my knowledge there is no special postmark on cards sent from there (I did send myself a test one of course ;). The stamps were standard ones too.

I’ll ask if this has changed since last time and will let you know when I’m there!


this is indeed a unique postmark and happy to get one if you can by posting it to me direrctly

@Meowpurr if you plan to go there - I would love to receive one too if you can arrange. With or without special postmark, definitly truely unique ^^

Doesn’t beat Malaysia’s :wink:


If only I could dive - what an amazing experience!

What a great story and fantastic photos! Thank you for sharing!
Good air!

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@sunilmandaliya & @Tetsuko & everyone:

A couple of people have asked me to send them a card from this very special mailbox and I’d love to send one to each and every one of you, but I simply won’t be able to find the time to write that many cards while I’m there, and there’s also the price: last year they wanted 6€ for a card and given the dive base has increased all their prices, it might be even more this year… 6€/card adds up quick!

But I did buy my own fine waterproof marker (:wink:) and I want to make someone happy, so…

There is a lottery now!

Good luck!


This is such a great story and a cool idea! I hope you have the most amazing time at the festival. And thanks so much for the lottery. I’ll look forward to more pictures in due course! :smiley:

Thank you so much…I will mention a number of lottery now

What a great read‼️ AND written by the scuba diver herself💦

This mailbox was even reported on regional television yesterday :star_struck:
An entry in the Guinness Book of Records is sought…


Oooh :heart_eyes: What record though I wonder, it’s not the deepest in the world… We saw the Malaysia one :smile: Busiest underwater mailbox?? Haha I’ll ask them!

2023 update!

Remember the shark from the original postcard design? Yeah, we met :grin:

So, the mailbox is still there, the price per card is still 6€, and the Guinness thing was - I’m quoting the guy that sold me the cards on the very first and queueless evening - “something the boss came up with in the press memo” and would only be something like deepest mailbox in Germany, no attempt at a world record :wink:

I hyped up a lot of people who all bought some cards (& borrowed my waterproof pens :grin:), and I alone sent 10 this time!

They still have the old cards but there are 2 new designs, and I like the new ones a lot! One is showing the mailbox, the other one is a multiview with many of the sights in the lake.

Have a look yourselves - the first cards arrived :tada::

P.s.: The northern Germans in this thread may have heard it on the local news: there was a fatal accident at the lake last weekend (a scuba diver, a young woman), so you can imagine our festival was not as happy as it usually is :pensive:


So cool!