Navigating Forum

Not sure if this is the correct category for my feedback and suggestions.

I find it very difficult to navigate the forum?
I’m on mobile.
It’s awkward to find the categories once you’re in a topic.
Like I cannot simply scroll down immediately, it loads posts one by one, I’m not sure how to describe it.
For example if the post has 78 replies, I will have to press the 1/78 box on the lower right, then manually scroll it all the way down unless I want to slowly load each one, it’s so annoying because if I reply, I then have to press it again, scroll it up back to the first post, then select the category I was in again.
Yes you can press and hold the back button and go back manually but is so counter intuitive to me.

I like how we can edit, reply to, and like posts.

I don’t like how some of the buttons aren’t explained.
Didn’t know where to go to find out.
I made a topic and there was a check mark and an x at the top. Do I press the x to close the topic? Who knows.
When adding photos to my topic I wondered if I should select the image icon on the lower right or maybe the camera icon in the toolbar above the text box, or maybe the tile option?
What are some of these options in preferences?
Just examples of one of the instances I was confused.

The way the forum is laid out doesn’t flow smoothly.
I wanted to introduce myself but I don’t know where that area of the forum is, it should be obvious to new users right?
But I didn’t see it immediately so I just skipped it.

Just my thoughts about how my experience so far.
I’m okay with it overall, it’s just janky right now.

As a side note the bot welcomed me and that was pretty cool, I do have a suggestion of fine tuning the ai when it comes to recognizing pictures, twice I sent a photo in the tutorial (first one was my own, second was the gif bot suggested) and both times the bot asked me if I was still there.
It also sent me my lil diploma twice, after asking if I wanted to skip something.

Please tell me if I’m in the wrong category :sweat_smile:

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Welcome to the Forum @Sleep

I moved your topic to the Help! section.

Did you read the User Guide?
Maybe after reading some of your problems are solved

If you have any problems after reading please ask here again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks it wasn’t really asking for help I was trying to give feedback but okay :slight_smile:

Some of the problems you described are no problems when you read the guide as there are other options to achieve the desired faster (without scrolling through all posts).

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It’s at the very top of the forum, here:

  • Welcome to the Forum!
  • New here? Take a minute to introduce yourself and learn how this forum works.

The ‘introduce yourself’ thread already has 208 posts, but I’m not sure that many people read them, who knows?

That sounds like the software trying to tell you that a similar topic already exists. You can x out of it and carry on, but you might end up with a topic which - - already exists.

I don’t use any of those, I drag and drop which works every time. (This presupposes that the image is on your desktop and not on the internet.)

That happened to me too. I had a long whine about it here: Postbot

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@Cassiopheia Agreed. Most of what I wanted to say is how it just doesn’t flow nicely. At least not for mobile.

@SailingBy yes I’m on mobile so I am unable to drag and drop. It’s not too hard I was just pointing out how it is a bit confusing. I can only imagine how it will be for people less techy. And I’m off to read the post about the lovely bot :joy:

Hi there! Welcome to the forum and thank for all that feedback — it’s useful to know where the issues are as some things we are able to polish or at least document better. Let me just over a few of your notes.

Some have already pointed you to the welcome topic and the Forum User Guide — there should be a notice with a link to both of them at the very top of the forum. That notice is shown to everyone and is persistent until you close.

You are right that some icons may not be self-explanatory, in particular on mobile. It is a fact that on mobile you can’t do the same you can do on a desktop which is to hover an icon and the tooltip of what it does come up. No good solution for this as this is due to the way touch devices work. The bot tutorial should help a lot with figuring out the icons — the Forum User Guide helps too.

Without know exactly which ╳ was, since you mention a check mark, my guess is that its the dialog to edit the topic title. In that context, the ✓ should save/approve, while ╳ should cancel/close.

We are not too happy with this either. Normally there is only one button for uploading an image. But we also added a few plugins for creating galleries and their icons are somewhat similar since they also handle images. Unfortunately there’s only so many upload/image/gallery icons that can be distinctive enough. Ultimately, we hope that the benefit of the galleries outweighs the initial confusion about what they do.

Lastly, if you need help, the help category is usually the right place — don’t be shy to ask if you need help! :slight_smile:


@paulo Thank you very much, everyone has been exceedingly helpful, it becomes easier as I use the forum and try more things.
I love postbot most he is fun. Stay safe~